Home Startup Appnomic- Providers of first self-healing technology for IT operations

Appnomic- Providers of first self-healing technology for IT operations

Appnomic- Providers of first self-healing technology for IT operations

Established in Cupertino, CA and engineered in Bangalore, India, Appnomic are the providers of the first self-healing technology for IT operations that uses unsupervised AI to learn how a system works under normal circumstances and creates a dynamic baseline. Contrary to traditional monitoring tools which send alerts when a certain threshold is passed, Appnomic can detect if crossing a threshold is normal behavior, or even if a seemingly normal behavior is problematic. It recognizes “signals” that are leading indicators of a future incident where other tools detect “problems.” Appnomic’s clients have on average faced 60% reduction in false-positive alerts, 60% reduction in developer time spent on solving problems, and 75% decrease in issues. 

Let’s know more about the Leadership team!

Founder CEO: Padmanabhan D

Padmanabhan D, Co-founder, Appnomic Systems | Motiverge

As Managing Director & CEO of Appnomic, Paddy is passionate about delivering an autonomous solution for IT Operations Analytics and IT Process Automation. He is closely involved in the strategic initiatives and technology development of the company. Paddy has been involved with the IT industry for over 30 years with leading organizations like Infosys. At Infosys, Paddy led the architecture team of Finacle – Core Banking solution.

Director & CFO: Alton Viegas

Alton founded and promoted Appnomic Systems to focus on providing practical and relevant IT Infrastructure Management solutions and services. He has more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Prior to Appnomic Systems, Alton was responsible for Mainframe sales for PSI-Bull in South India and for a brief period, he managed software sales in the US, Africa & Middle East for a leading software company. Alton is operationally responsible for Compliance, Risk Management, Finance, Facilities and Administrative functions.

President – Subramanian Parmeswaran 

Subbu, with more than 25 years of sales & management experience in the IT industry, brings a focused set of skills in forming strategies, executing and achieving revenue and long term organisational goals, running successful operations in both multinational companies and start-up environments.

They have a team of 160 members working dedicatedly to drive aggressive growth for Appnomic.

The genesis

Based in Bangalore, the IT hub of India, creating a start-up is the most natural thought to any techie.Very Importantly, during his tenure with the earlier organizations he worked with, Paddy was always pulled into solving problems. He also realized that Application Performance Management tools typically showed a piece of code as being slow when Applications become slow, while the same code worked fine a second ago!  To him, this was only a symptom to something actual cause deep under that needed to be brought to surface as the root cause. He believed that there should be a way to proactively solve such problems and hence the AppsOne product. 

The early days

It has been a challenge for the team in running an IT management services company and simultaneously doing R&D and developing an enterprise class product using the best technologies.  They feel quite lucky as they managed to acquire marque customers for AppsOne,  who were every supportive and patient with us giving them the opportunity  required to meet their expectation.  The team managed to deliver positive results to their customers who saw value in the product and the associated services that were provided.  Growth has been limited as the APM market in markets Appnomic operated in saw very little growth during the period 2010-15.  Arrival of competition in 2014-15 helped growth of the market and customer demand. Norwest Venture Partners (NVP) have supported them all along for all their capital needs.  Product development continues as the demand for new features are increasing.  They have been one of the early adapters of cognitive technology and analytics. AppsOne will be the Primary tool used by enterprises to Monitor and Manage their product environment using analytics,  machine learning & cognitive remedial action.

At the onset the team believed that they would be a major player in IT Operations Services. Soon they realised, they were more of a product orientation than a services company. The experience, the customer engagements and the core strengths of the founding team helped them pivot into a product company. Looking back, the team said, they wouldn’t want to change anything as they repent nothing. It has been a constant learning which has helped them evolve into something better than what they set out with.


“The zest to constantly innovate and add value to the businesses of our customers . In terms of the product, we are doing interesting stuff which no one else seems to be doing . Our customers who have been with us for many years now continue to come to us for more . We have not been replaced anywhere by our competitors as the customers are easily able to see the differentiator we get to the table,” said Padmanabhan D, Co-founder, Appnomic Systems.

The journey so far

The journey has had challenges with some of the initial team leaving at various stages but with newer energy flowing in, it has been interesting and progressive for the team. The market response was never a challenge, owning to the whole hearted industry acceptance of the founding team.

“Appnomic has been amazingly lucky and blessed in fundraising. We had a large seed fund from the founders, subsequent rounds of investment from our investors, Norwest Venture Partners, one other than Promod Haque on the board, fundraising has been a breeze”, said Preeti Raghuvanshi Singh, AVP – Customer and Partner Success, Appnomic Systems.

The way ahead

Appnomic claims to be the first few names when it comes to IT operations analytics; first few names when it comes to product start-ups  from India . They are the first few names when it comes to innovation and new product launches. They are the first names when it comes to offering on the cloud and that we lead the next stretch of Indian IT business dreams and they believe that they are the next new gen!


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