Startup Buddy- India’s Leading One Stop Solution Provider For Startups

Startup Buddy is all about giving shape and support to young entrepreneurs and their ideas towards the right direction. Startup Buddy was launched in April 2015 and within a very short span of time, Startup Buddy has come to acquire an impressive clientele of over 200 banners successfully and satisfactorily partnered with them. 

By partnering with Startup Buddy, Startups’ founders can focus on the core business and can be assured about support functions of the business. The company aims to keep Startups ready for Due Diligence at all point of time. 

“We are one of the leading one-stop solution provider for startups with a team of professionals providing a wide range of services. Our services enable entrepreneurs to focus on their businesses while we ensure entire compliance from back-end,” said Amit Singal, the Co-Founder & CEO of Startup Buddy Services Pvt Ltd.

The founding team

Amit Singal, the Co-Founder & CEO of Startup Buddy Services Pvt Ltd. is Chartered Accountant & DISA with 14+ years of work experience across various industries as consultant.

With an extensive knowledge and experience across the field of funds administration, accounting, investor reporting, strategic planning, and budgeting, forecasting, treasury, implementation of business systems, processes and controls, he used his skills to build a solid foundation for young entrepreneurs. With a strong analytical and business foundation, collaborating work with different business heads across countries and general management responsibilities have geared him as well as a future business leader and a great team player. His greatest strengths is his ability to develop a vision, a clear strategy and align people towards it.

He has a team of 45 experienced professionals and the startup’s Co-founder is Manish Aggarwal, who is Chartered Accountant, with 20+ years of experience across various industries.

The genesis

India has become the third largest country for startup ecosystem but the number goes down if we talk about the successful ones. There are more than 10,000 startup ideas coming every day in India out of which more than 2,000 to 3,000 fails due to various reasons. Amit Singal observed that there are a common set of reasons that startups struggle and fail, and the consistent set of factors that make startup companies successful. 

He keeps meeting young entrepreneurs on the regular basis and while performing this act he discovered the fact very closely that these entrepreneurs faces a lot of trouble at the beginning of their journey. Structuring a business, naming it, getting it registered, necessary permits and licenses, company bank accounts, copy writes, and trademarks etc. are some basic legal aspects which one goes through while one is in the process of starting his/her own.

To solve these little problems, he decided to create a pool of different fields at one place in order to give support to entrepreneurs at the same time.
Everything, from registration to funding, Startup Buddy team try to solve all of the queries which is important for the functioning of a startup.

Apart from offering Accounting, Taxation, Secretarial Compliance, Reporting, Legal Know-How, Project Advisory, Capital Advisory, Investment Banking Services, PR management, Social Media Management, etc., the team also support the enthusiastic startups with mentorship through their mentor networks in India & abroad. 

The domain or market of the industry of startups is huge and their motto is to help them grow. As they grow, the startup grows.

The early days

Quality of service is the key in consulting business. So the team focussed on quality and ensured to add more support functions regularly so that they can support startups at each phase of their journey. Latest example is that they have added Celebrity Endorsement Services and Movie/ TV Serial Integration Services at very reasonable cost. 


Startup Buddy was started with aim to serve 1,000+ startups over 5 years and they are moving towards that directions. The aim is to become one stop solutions for entrepreneurs so that the Setup period can be reduced by having all professionals from different domain at one place.


Meeting young energetic entrepreneurs and keep solving different type of startups puzzles excites the founders a lot.. Every Startup is unique and problem is also unique which they expect Startup Buddy team to take care of. Looking at successful startups in the journey gives them new energy.

Journey so far

The team’s journey has been good so far. Earlier, startups were not serious about compliance but there is 360* change. Every investor is very serious that the company in which he is investing is compliant in all respect. Now there is lot of awareness program from government also emphasizing on the compliance and important of IPR like Trademark, Patents, Copyright etc. because these are the real assets of the startups and need to be secured.

The way ahead

The startup aims to help 1.000+ startups across India in growth and to become leading One Stop Solution for South East Asia. It is all set to create a community where startups founders will help each other growth.