Boudhik Ventures journey from Mentorship to Investments in eBikeGo

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Gurgaon, India: Boudhik Ventures an outfit which is helping companies to grow their business based on innovations in India and Globally. 

Boudhik Ventures has emerged from a consulting firm to an investment firm with latest investment in Amrtisar based eBikeGo startup guided by Mr. Amit Singal, co-founder of Startup Buddy. 

eBikeGo is an electric two-wheeler rental platform that facilitates varied stakeholders to opt for this inexpensive and eco-friendly commuting option. It was founded in 2017 by Dr Irfan Khan and commenced operations in Amritsar. The company has expanded its operation to number of cities including Delhi, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Port Blair. 

‘We were really excited to hear about the concept which is trying to solve one of the serious issues i.e.  pollution. The company had also protected their unique processes by way of Patents, which helped us to confirm our decision on investment’ said by Mr. Vivek Dahiya, co-founder of Boudhik Ventures Pvt Ltd. ‘Intellectual Property is one of the most main selection criteria for us’ further added by Mr Vivek Dahiya.

‘We have invested in companies pertaining to varied industries such as hardware manufacturing, farm Mechanism, an online chat platform, an overseas education consulting. We have planned to invest in 10 start-ups every year and help them to expand their business in Indian as well as worldwide.’ said by Mr. Saurabh Trivedi, co-founder of Boudhik Ventures Pvt Ltd. 

Boudhik Ventures is working with innovators, creators, entrepreneurs in strategizing their business growth based on innovative solutions. Their team support businesses from initiation of ideas/concepts until successful implementation of the same in the market.