Free Laser Based Broadband across Bangalore by Wifi Dabba

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All new Wifi Dabba network features speeds up to 1Gbps at the lowest price on this planet.

Bengaluru, India: Wifi Dabba is gearing up to launch a new city-wide wifi mesh network. Powered by lasers and wifi, instead of underground and overhead fibre, it is the world’s cheapest Gigabit internet connection allowing users to access the internet by simply solving a puzzle – similar to Captcha code verification – or watching an advertisement. Users who prefer a premium experience can opt to buy data packs for uninterrupted services at prices never heard before.

Users can pre-order for a Wifi Dabba connection for their homes, retail outlets or offices from the Wifi Dabba website. Each connection comes with a Wifi Dabba Giga router powered by DabbaOS. Anyone can login/register to the network using a mobile number+OTP. The same mobile number can be used to access multiple devices at once.

Wifi Dabba uses Supernodes to create a mesh of lasers over the city. The lasers are eye-safe and can throughput up to 100GBPS speeds across 20KM distances. This eliminates the cost of expensive fibre optic cables and the need to dig trenches to lay them.

Wifi Dabbas unique new business model leverages value through Captcha Code alongside  advertisements – solve a Captcha Code puzzle and get 1 hour of unlimited browsing at giga speed. Users who prefer uninterrupted services can purchase unlimited data packs starting at one rupee & twenty paisa per GB. Enterprises can opt for a dedicated Supernode and take advantage of 20GBPS throughput, with a lease-line-like quality.

Wifi Dabba has been working to lower the cost of access to the internet since 2016. Having raised funds from YCombinator and a few other investors, Wifi Dabba installed over 1,000 hotspots in Bangalore, offering internet connectivity for as low as Rs. 2 for 200mb. Over 10,000 co-living beds function on Wifi Dabba connectivity in the city- users enjoy prepaid billing and roaming on wifi. Wifi Dabba deployed a mesh network in a densely populated area of Hubli and served upwards of half a million users in over 3 months.

“Internet connectivity has a direct impact on the growth rate of a country,” says Shubhendu Sharma, Founder & COO, “it helps people educate themselves, showcase their talents, find work, buy/sell products and services and even find a life partner. But access to the internet is still very expensive in India. Our aim is to lower the cost to make easy accessibility possible for the next billion internet users. By 2017 we were able to bring down the cost of access to Rs. 2 for 2GB of data. Now we are able to offer that for free.”

“We have developed the entire technology from the ground up- routers, switches, ports and the software that helps connect it all,” adds Karam Lakshman, Founder & CEO. “We’re using lasers called Supernodes that completely eliminate the need to dig up roads and lay fibre that is delicate and expensive. This drastically brings down the cost of setting up a network and we are able to pass that saving to the customer.”

Wifi Dabba is launching soon for consumer and retail market. It will bring the cost of access to the internet for almost free and will be available for homes, offices, enterprises, retail outlets and public spaces as well. The fastest way to get a Wifi Dabba connection is to pre-register on