Urban Company partners with Pristyn Care for telemedicine and COVID-19 testing

  • The partnership enables Urban Company’s 30,000 service partners get free telephonic consultation and COVID-19 screening with Pristyn Care’s super specialist doctors
  • The partnership is part of Urban Company’s healthcare program for its service partners, which includes paid sick leaves, COVID-19 health insurance and income protection plans
  • Urban Company will utilise Pristyn Care’s network of 50+ ICMR approved partner laboratories across 20 cities for COVID-19 testing of its service partners based on the recommendations of empaneled doctors
  • The partnership has been live for a few weeks and all integrations around electronic prescriptions, real time assessment results and test booking have been fine tuned

India: Urban Company, India’s largest home services aggregator has partnered with Pristyn Care, a reputed Gurgaon-based healthcare platform. Through this partnership, Urban Company will offer its 30,000 service partners free telemedicine consultations and help with COVID-19 testing wherever needed.

There are three ways in which Urban Company identifies a service partner for doctor consultation. Either the service partner self reports herself as sick, or their body temperature is above 99-degree Fahrenheit in the daily check-ups, or their Aarogya Setu app status is “at risk” or “unwell”. Thereafter, a free doctor consultation is facilitated by one of Pristyn Care’s super specialist doctors, trained in COVID-19 assessments. If advised by the doctor, the service partner is tested for COVID-19 through Pristyn Care’s network of 50+ ICMR approved partnered labs across 20 cities. These tests are mostly done through home collection of samples by trained phlebotomists equipped with PPE kits. Till the test results are declared, partners are required to self quarantine, and can avail benefits of Urban Company’s paid sick leave program.

In case the test result is positive, Urban Company has a COVID-19 health insurance and income protection plan which comes into effect. As part of this plan, the service partner’s hospitalization expenses are covered upto INR 25,000, and income protection is provided upto INR 14,000. Post discharge, partners are required to self quarantine for a minimum of 28 days before they can resume work on the platform. Urban Company has created an INR 1.5 Cr. relief fund to help all such affected partners with monetary support while they are sick and recovering. Further, all negative and positive cases are reported to ICMR and local government authorities.

Talking about the partnership, Urban Company’s Co-founder Abhiraj Singh Bhal said, “We have put in place several safety protocols to combat COVID-19. These include distribution of over a million masks & gloves, daily temperature checks, 7-day hygiene training program, use of disposables & single use sachets, mandatory use of the Aarogya Setu app etc. Our partnership with Pristyn Care is a step in this direction. It offers all our service partners free telemedicine consultations, and wherever needed, support for COVID-19 testing. Timely testing based on the advice of medical practitioners is key to curb the spread of COVID-19. We strongly believe in proactively fighting against COVID-19, and also reducing the stigma associated with the disease. Our association with Pristyn Care will go a long way in helping our service partners.”

The company said this provision is part of its overall healthcare program for service partners, including COVID-19 specific health insurance and income protection, paid sick leaves and a COVID relief fund. Further, the company also offers free life and accidental insurances for all its service partners. Such programs encourage service partners to self-report their poor health and take necessary precautions without worrying about lost earnings. This facilitates early diagnosis and curbs the disease spread.

Pristyn Care Co-founder Harsimarbir Singh said, “One effective way to fight COVID-19 is through thoughtful testing and not ignoring the symptoms. Through Pristyn Care’s partnership with Urban Company, we are enabling the community of service partners to get access to healthcare services. This will empower them to seek timely treatment post early detection of the symptoms. All of Pristyn’s clinics and partner hospitals across its 20 cities follow strict Covid protocols of social distancing, temperature checks and hygience. Every treating Doctor and frontline medical staff is not only Covid screened but also equipped with PPE kits and other safety gear. This joint effort accentuates our efforts and allows us to contribute to the larger community in these trying times.”