Alex Bregman Launches Online-Based Swing Review for Youth

HOUSTON: Alex Bregman, third-baseman for the Houston Astros, has announced Bregman’s Swing Review – an online, video-based feedback platform aimed at teaching young players proper swing mechanics.

Through Bregman’s Swing Review, parents and/or guardians of players 17 and under can upload a video of their child’s swing through a secure online form on Bregman’s Swing Review platform for consideration.

Each week, a random selection of swings uploaded will be reviewed and posted to Bregman’s YouTube channel for players to learn advanced swing mechanics taught at the MLB level with detailed feedback provided directly by Alex Bregman.

Bregman is passionate about swing mechanics and helping youth – he’s also thankful for the coach and peer support he’s received over the years to improve his swing.

“As a young player I was constantly exposed to older, more advanced players – it pushed me to be better,” said Bregman. “I’ve been fortunate to have access to great coaches and resources to learn proper swing mechanics and I want to make that information available to as many young players as possible.”

With the MLB season on hold, and in between his training, Bregman has dedicated his time to pursuing various off-field endeavors such as Bregman’s Swing Review and his Bregman Cares Charity

Most recently, Bregman hosted the FEEDHOU 24hr Live Stream Event on the popular streaming platform Twitch to raise money for The Houston Food Bank. The initiative was just one of many ways Bregman has generated attention and funds for FEEDHOU – his fundraising campaign benefitting The Houston Food Bank. With a goal of $3M in donations, Bregman has raised over $1.8M to-date.

Through, parents of players 17 and under can upload a video of their swing for consideration. Bregman’s initial goal is to review and provide feedback on as many swings as possible until the start of the MLB season and will continue at a lower frequency once the season begins and as time permits.

Qualifying videos uploaded by parents will be randomly selected using a third-party service. Each week, Bregman will post a video reviewing several player’s swings to his YouTube channel. Instructions for uploading a swing can be found on, with video tutorials and examples included for parents to follow.

Source: Alex Bregman