Going Back to the Gym? Must Know these Best Safety Tips to Protect Yourself from Covid-19

Best Safety Tips to Protect Yourself from Covid-19
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If you are a gym lover and eager to get back into a healthy routine, we understand how excited you would be after the recent announcement of gyms opening soon. The guidelines by the government across the globe vary from area to area considering the COVID-19 situation. We must also not forget the risk associated with going back to gym as it can serve as the perfect ground for community transmission if necessary precautions are not being taken. 

If you are fitness freak and still skeptical about making a decision of whether you should go to gym or not, remember nothing could be safer than having a fitness routine inside your home. No matter what you shouldn’t give up on your workout even if you are not able to get back to gym. However, if you have made up your mind to head back to your gym, here are some safety tips and measures that will keep you protected in gym, fitness box or yoga studio.

Social Distancing at the Gym is Must

Social Distancing at the Gym is Must

Yes, when it comes to taking safety precautions to fight against deadly Coronavirus, always ensure to keep 6 feet of distance between you and your fellow gym-partners. Social distancing should be practiced in such a way that the gym equipments and machines should not be kept close together. You have to take care of the distance you maintain with others to avoid accidentally getting closer while you exercise.

Another thing you can always look for is the number of people attending the gym or yoga studio. If you think that the number of people does not support proper social distancing due to lack of room within that closed space, you can always raise the flag or avoid going to that place. The key and will be to en

If you’re attending group fitness classes, check to see that your gym or studio is limiting the number of people allowed in each class. This helps make sure there’s enough room to practice social distancing within the classroom.

Wearing Mask is the Key

Yes, it might be difficult for you to wear a mask while you exercise, but a breathable mask like a cloth mask has a lot of potential to minimize your exposure to viruses. Wear a mask all the time when you are outside your home except while eating or drinking water and do not forget to thoroughly wash your hands.

It has been said b various medical experts that face masks can help prevent the spread of coronavirus if worn correctly. Always ensure the mask you’re wearing must cover your nose and chin and doesn’t create gaps. Masks that are designed with multiple layers might trap larger particles you might eject through talking, coughing or sneezing, but they may also be warmer and thus uncomfortable for you to wear during workout. So, you can try wearing a breathable fabric mask you feel uncomfortable wearing other masks at the gym.

Disinfect the Gym Equipments, Weights or Machines on regular basis

Yes, it is a big responsibility that you gym owner/trainer will have to take in order to ensure that the entire gym space and equipment are getting disinfected every single day.  As you use same gym equipments like Cross trainer, Treadmill, Exercise Bike, or Rower, disinfecting them regularly and following appropriate safety measures becomes imperative as it is the perfect ground for virus transmission. Always paper towels and disinfectant spray before and after using the equipments and consider wiping down the weights or machine before using them also. This will not only help you protect yourself but also other gym person who uses the equipment after you.

Another useful safety tip is when you spray-clean equipment, give it a minute before wiping and let it dry completely before use. This gives the disinfectant time to kill all the germs that may be present on the surface of bench, weights or cardio equipment.

Do Not Touch your Face (eyes, mouth or nose) during Workout

A 2015 study in the American Journal of Infection Control said that people touch their faces more than 20 times an hour on average. Moreover, about 44 percent of the time, it involves contact with the eyes, nose, or mouth- which we can also feel.

During your workout at the gym, you should avoid touching your face and mouth as the coronavirus is believed to be spread mostly by inhaling droplets released when an infected individual coughs or sneezes. These droplets can survive on surfaces that we touch with our hands. This is the reason why it is important for everyone to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer especially when you are outside your home and in a public space.

As it is easier said than done, if you’re sweating, keep a clean towel with you while you exercise like you can keep it on your shoulder and wipe the sweat away without touching your face.

Wash your Hands or use Hand Sanitizers at the Gym

While you must carry your own sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and towel, make sure that your gym will be providing disinfectant wipes, sanitizer and more handwashing stations. Do not forget to wash your hands properly with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before you enter and after leaving the gym. Always remember not to hurry as it takes 20 seconds of vigorous hand washing with warm water to remove dirt, bacteria and viruses that can make you sick.

Wash your Hands or use Hand Sanitizers at the Gym

Take a Shower as You Return Home

Though it is quite obvious that you will have a bath when you come back home after workout. However, the point is to avoid using the washroom used by everyone in the gym.  So do not forget to take a shower and change into clean clothes immediately as you get home.

Some other safety tips that you can follow to protect yourself and others at the gym are:

  • Try to bring your own water bottle
  • Try to go to the gym during off-peak hours if possible
  • Ask you gym to make it mandatory for all to carry out temperature checks with the use of forehead thermometers
  • Make sure that your gym has properly stocked hygiene products
  • Skip the gym if you’re coughing, have runny nose or fever or you aren’t feeling well

If you avoid touching your face, wear a mask, disinfectant the surfaces, maintain social distancing and wash your hands properly, you’ll lessen your chances of getting sick. Hope these tips will help you hit the gym again while taking all the necessary safety precautions to fight against novel coronavirus. After all, these are all good habits we must practice in order to maintain good personal hygiene to stay away from germs and viruses.

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