35000 Kgs of Ration to 7K Migrant Families distributed by Eko; supports Central Government’s Vision of Extending Basic Services

35000 Kgs of Ration to 7K Migrant Families distributed by Eko
35000 Kgs of Ration to 7K Migrant Families distributed by Eko | Motiverge

India: Eko India, a leading fintech company enables deposit, withdrawal, and remittance services to its customers, a large percentage of whom are migrant workers. In a CSR initiative, Eko has been successful in helping expand the reach of ration to 7000 migrant families in collaboration with Kaushalya Foundation & Smile-for-All, two renowned not-for-profit organizations, thus supporting the Government’s vision of extending basic services.

Drawing inspiration from the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana (PMGKAY)’. Eko capitalized on their connect with migrant workers; contacting them through call centers and guiding them to reach specific retail counters on a specified date and time to collect their share of ration. Thus, easing and streamlining the process of distribution for its collaborators. Additionally, Eko enabled the delivery of over 35000 kilograms of ration packages which included an assortment of rice, wheat and pulses.

Nearly 87% of India’s migrant workers own either meager farm holdings or no land at all. Employment opportunities beyond those related to agriculture are next to absent in their villages. The benefits provisioned by the Government through its Public Distribution System could be availed by the migrants’ basis a valid ration card, which in most cases was untraceable. This was because most of them have their ration cards registered in their villages while they reside in urban centers. Eko tried to overcome this challenge by distributing ration to all migrant workers irrespective of the ration cards system.

Commenting on this initiative, Abhinav Sinha, Co-founder, Eko, said, “We want to ensure that we reach out to the underserved segment of the society. We would like to thank our partners in this drive – Kaushalya Foundation & Smile-for-All for enabling ration distribution to migrant workers. The privilege to assist the Government in this Initiative for the welfare of the migrants during such tough times is humbling. Eko looks forward to scaling this effort across the country.”

Eko’s network and reach helped distribute ration to over 7000 migrants families in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi NCR, Karnataka, Bihar, West Bengal, Telangana, Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu. With the help of over a hundred local entrepreneur/ retail partners. Eko also successfully reached out to migrant workers in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, Ahmedabad, Raighad, Hyderabad, Surat, Rajkot and Nashik. In addition to the migrants, income generation opportunities were also extended to thousands of entrepreneurs who chose to associate with it. Entrepreneurs can sign-up with Eko and service migrants with ZERO CAPEX.

Eko India Financial Services Pvt. Ltd, (founded in 2007) is India’s largest fintech company, serving over 3 crores low to moderate-income migrant workers in India. Through its services, Eko has both positively supported and impacted the lives of over 12 crores Indians – facilitating in the process, their right to a better and improved livelihood and lifestyle.