Dairy Tech Startup ‘Stellapps’ Rapidly Expanding to Support Famer Eco- System

Ranjith Mukundan, Co-founder and CEO of Stellapps
Ranjith Mukundan, Co-founder and CEO of Stellapps | Motiverge

Company Witnessed increase in the order quantities by 533%

Bengaluru, India: The Dairy Tech Startup Stellapps has announced expansion of its digital solutions even amidst the slowdown created by the pandemic. The company has fulfilled the orders in Tamil Nadu worth 20 crores in just four weeks covering 1200+ villages in Tamil Nadu. Stellapps also covered 700+ villages in Bihar with its digital solutions. With its solutions, Stellapps is touching  2 million farmers across 30000 villages in India. Stellapps is already present in 18 states.

The expansion came in action when Stellapps started receiving inbound queries regarding its digital solutions from some of the major dairy brands. The company has also increased the purchase order of their existing customers, resulting in an increase of the order quantities by 533% whereas the order value rose by 477% compared to the same period last year. Stellapps expanded into 2000+ new villages and registered almost 2 lakh farmers during the first 4 months after the lockdown.

Stellapps has enabled dairy farmers to procure milk across thousands of centres in a 100% contactless manner, allowing the dairies to adhere to sanitary guidelines released by government agencies.

Ranjith Mukundan, Co-founder and CEO of Stellapps said on the expansion, “Consumers are increasingly demanding hygienic, unadulterated dairy products, digitization creates end to end visibility of the supply chain and helps dairy processors to remotely monitor operations and enforce process adherence.” 

Stellapps is helping dairy farmers with data and analytics solutions through its tech platform ‘smartMooTM’ to make informed decisions and balance their procurement. By enabling real-time remote monitoring of the procurement operations, Stellapps enable these dairies to ensure that their customers continue to receive safe, traceable, and high-quality milk. In addition, the tech platform has facilitated digital payments and hassle-free credit and insurance to marginal dairy farmers, allowing them to tide over the economic distress brought about by the pandemic.