10-Year-Old Children Use IoT to Solve Real-World Problems

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Avishkaar launches IoT Starter Kit to teach kids about the Internet of Things and enable them to creatively think about the application of this technology in homes and society

India: Shreshta Singhal, 10-year-old, is working on building an automatic light control project using the IoT Starter Kit. He says, “Whenever I go out of the room, I forget to switch off the light, and my mother scolds me. So, I built a project using the IoT Starter Kit motors and sensors which can detect when I leave the room and turn off the light automatically.”

An emerging trend in technology is the development of platforms that enable devices to ‘talk’ to each other. The utilization of this is being seen in products like Alexa which can connect to home appliances like lights and TV, and control them using voice commands. This technology is making our homes smarter and connecting our devices. The day is not far when your home temperature will automatically adjust based on your preferences, outside weather and your health. If you have been sneezing all night because of the change in weather outside, your phone will automatically detect both these and adjust your home temperature to warm up and help you cope up with the changes in your body. This is the power of the Internet of Things or IoT, as it’s commonly called.

To ensure that children learn and build with this paradigm-shifting technology, India-based ed-tech startup Avishkaar, launches IoT Super Starter Kit for children aged eight and above. With Avishkaar’s IoT Super Starter kit, children can start making projects within just a few minutes and build over 100 projects ranging from home automation, wearable technologies to smart appliances and more. The kit has over 40 electronic components. The price of the kit is INR 3999/- and is available on Avishkaar website and Amazon.

Tarun Bhalla, Founder, Avishkaar says“Avishkaar’s brand new IoT Super Starter kit helps children as young as 8 years to build their very own IoT projects under a few minutes. In addition to building IoT projects with the help of this kit, they can also develop mobile applications that can control the projects remotely to learn what IoT can do. Intelligent machines are shaping our world, yet our schools do not include next-gen technologies in their curriculum. Avishkaar is bridging this gap by making learning coding and robotics, and understanding next-gen technologies fun.”

This kit will enable millions of young innovators like Shrestha to solve everyday problems using technologies like IoT. IoT kits coupled with Avishkaar’s Robotics Kits teach young children the technologies of the future. Avishkaar’s mission is to enable our next-generation to build solutions of tomorrow using creativity and the right tools.