Experience Australia with the New 8D Audio Escapes from Tourism Australia

In a first for any tourism organisation, Tourism Australia has launched a new series of immersive videos that harness the innovative 8D audio technology and take viewers on a sensory journey of Australia’s unique sights, sounds and textures. For the uninitiated, 8D audio is a sound engineering treatment that, when the viewer wears headphones, gives the music and sounds a three-dimensional effect, thereby putting viewers in the middle of some of the country’s most iconic destinations.

A moment of escape for travellers, experience the colour red and other shades across Australia in 8D

From the fiery red sand of Uluru to the glassy turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef, and the deep greens of the Daintree Rainforest, Australia’s landscapes span the full colour spectrum. And to showcase this visual diversity and vibrancy that Australia is distinctly known for, each video is themed by a colour – blue, red, magenta, green, black and white – to evoke a range of feelings and emotions.

While the colours blue and white bring in a sense of calm and peace with soothing shots of the underwater world and snowy wonderlands, the colour red and black invoke the feeling of mystery, power and excitement with scenes that capture Australia’s beautiful night sky and billions of years old rock formations. Magenta appeals to the romantic with the soft pink hues of the sunset over iconic drives and Green leaves you refreshed with sights and sounds from Australia’s ancient rainforests.

The videos are also supported by a series of articles on Australia.com, providing information on the experiences and destinations featured in the videos to further inspire travellers to plan their post Covid-19 holiday to Australia.

Head to www.australia.com/8Descapes and choose your moment of escape to Australia from the comfort of your home.

Link to download the 8D teaser video

About Tourism Australia

Tourism Australia is the Australian Government agency responsible for promoting Australia internationally as a world-class destination for business and leisure travel. Tourism Australia’s purpose is to increase the economic benefits of tourism to Australia, supporting the industry’s Tourism 2020 strategy, which aims to grow the overnight annual expenditure generated by tourism to more than a $ 115 billion annually by 2020.

The organization is active in around 15 key markets, where it aims to grow demand for the destination’s tourism experiences by promoting the unique attributes which will entice people to visit. Tourism Australia’s activities include social and digital media, traditional advertising, public relations and media programs, trade shows and programs for the tourism industry, consumer promotions, online communications and consumer research.

For more information, please visit www.tourism.australia.com | www.facebook.com/seeaustralia.

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