Garmin strengthens data based health monitoring mechanism with ‘Garmin Health Interfaces (API and SDKs)’

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New Delhi, October 06, 2020: Garmin India, a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN) reinforces the data- driven health monitoring with its premium application Garmin Health API and SDKs. Specially developed & designed for corporate houses across the verticals, helping organisations in understanding the health and fitness of their employees and other vital information.

Every Garmin user can share his all-day health and fitness activity data logged by Garmin wearable and fitness devices via Garmin Health API with any partner programs

It helps in delivering detailed health metrics, making it the one API integration one needs to analyze data from their users. It delivers everything from the detailed sleep level classifications to the external sensors used during a workout. More than thirty types of activities are monitored including sleep, steps, respiration, SpO2, body battery and much more to the registered developers. Some premium applications, especially in the health environment, require highest resolution and real-time data for their analyzes and direct feedback to the user. Garmin Health Companion SDK (cSDK) is making that possible.

The Garmin Health Standard SDK is the right option for very specific healthcare application the need for limited user interaction for patients / participants and do not distract them by the full functionality of Garmin connect mobile.

Talking about Indian market scenario, Mr. Jörn WatzkeSenior Director Garmin Health Global Business Development & Sales at Garmin said “We at Garmin see huge potential for Garmin Health Interfaces (API and SDKs) in India due to the increased awareness and demand in health and wellness domain. The corporate houses and other organizations are deeply concerned about the well-being of their employees and customers, need a mechanism that can support them with data-driven information where Garmin’s Health API plays a vital role. Through our latest technology and inbuilt data monitoring system, we can provide every information from sleep to work-out activities of the users, which help companies in keeping track of the daily health routine of their employees. In India, companies working in insurance, medical and technology sectors are rapidly adopting this facility and develop a lot of new value adds. The high variance and quality of health data 24/7 and even in real-time available create completely new services and businesses. We are optimistic for many more collaborations in the future.”

Once on board with Garmin Health API and/or the Garmin health SDKs, partners can develop value-added services based on the ‘health and work-out data’ received. These services are bundled with Garmin devices and the data can further be utilized in the areas of healthcare, corporate wellness, consumer fitness, workers safety, insurances, etc.

The integration process with Garmin Health Interfaces is well supported. Upon approval by Garmin, the Garmin Health API users will receive integration support, including toolsets, documentation, sample code and an individual custom integration call. From this point on, a support team will be available to answer queries about technical details.

The health & work-out data displayed in Garmin Connect is shared with the user’s consent which is at utmost priority. If a Garmin Connect user gives their consent to share health and work-out data with a “partner” (for a program using the Garmin Health ecosystem), the data is automatically shared with the program after synchronizing with Garmin Connect. If the user does not synchronize manually, the data will be synchronized twice a day. In India, Garmin Health API has been able to help many corporates with their worker’s safety, insurance, health and wellness sectors with medical study creating an overall demand in the market.

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