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Now Find Right Dermatologist and Skin Clinic in Mumbai on SkinGenious

SkinGenious helps in selecting the right skin specialist for treatments and cosmetology, which involves a lot of factors that are tough for laymen to understand. It is a one-stop shop for all skin queries; it was launched in January 2020 in Mumbai. Currently SkinGenious operates within five locations and intends to have 20 so that they are close to every resident in the city. SkinGenious is associated with the best dermatologists of Mumbai. SkinGenious researches into various factors to ensure that they help one pick the best skin specialist in their vicinity. The main factors include educational background, peer reviews, client reviews and availability of the right technology, ethical approach and quality of staff.

SkinGenious has come up with a simple solution. They evaluate the dermatologists in any given area. They look for things that as an individual, we won’t have the time to do. They research all online reviews, the facilities within skin clinics and the qualification and experience of the skin specialists. They then select a top dermatologist in any given area and help people find them. What they promise is that you will find a great doctor with a great clinic and an experience that matches any corporate clinic chain. The doctors are also evaluated for their expertise in aesthetic dermatology and it is ensured that they are highly skilled in treatments such as wrinkle reduction and dermal fillers.

SkinGenious ensure that the management processes are upgraded to provide client delight. They help the doctor with introducing transparent pricing, a membership program, rewards and loyalty points and access to the latest developments in technology. This brings together the best of both worlds. Unlike corporate clinic chains, where the interaction with clients is mostly commercial and the treating doctors keep churning and changing without too much flexibility in their patient care, SkinGenious ensures that you find a skin clinic that is dermatologist led and the engagements are client centric. You find a skin specialist you can trust and despite that the clinic experience is upgraded so that you do not miss out on all the perks of visiting a corporate chain.

Soumyendro Chatterjee, Founder of SkinGenious

Soumyendro Chatterjee, Founder of SkinGenious said, “My basic background was from the field of medicine. My graduation degree is an M.B.B.S, after which I pursued my MBA. Even while taking up a corporate job, the goal was to return to the health and wellness industry. I saw a gap in the industry where the quality of the dermatologist is not given the importance it deserves. They are after all the experts who are driving the outcomes. Technology does play an important role, but great technology in the hands of an average doctor will more likely still provide just average results. “

With SkinGenious we are marrying the best of both worlds. We provide access to the best dermatologists and we ensure that the specialists we enlist also have the requisite technology. We then help them with management tools to make the client experience even better, beyond just the treatment,” he added.

Enjoy the future of skin care. SkinGenious is currently available only in the city of Mumbai and they have rapid expansion plans.

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