Innovative Learning Programme: Skill-Lync Launches Live Research Programs to Attract Aspiring Engineering Students

    • Programme to help inculcate the need for practically applicable research on cutting edge technologies and provide skill-based curriculum to engineering students

    • The three-month long program providing cost ranges from INR 1,50,000 – INR 1,75,000

    YCombinator backed, India headquartered startup Skill-Lync announces the launch of their live research program to help inculcate the need for practically applicable research on cutting edge technologies and provide skill based curriculum to aspiring engineering students. For this Innovative live research programme initiative, Skill-Lync has partnered with various subject experts to provide the students with amazing guidance. The three-month long program’s cost ranges from INR 1,50,000 – INR Rs. 1,75,000, and aims to provide research assistantship opportunities for Indian college students who do not have the access to work on quality research papers under great professors.

    Live research program by Skill-Lync

    The students will get an opportunity to attend weekly group research meetings that will help them and the researcher understand their progress and align their operations for the upcoming week. They will also be provided one-on-one support through virtual meetings from the lead researchers.

    This program offers a research experience to the students inculcating in-depth knowledge, and Interaction opportunities with subject experts who will provide research internship experience to the Under Graduates, Graduates, and working professionals. This will be an add on to their resume giving them a strong edge over their peers. Under this initiative, 9 different research programs are offered under the following topics:

    1. Improving the Security of Deep Neural Networks

    2. Turbulence Modelling and Cavitation

    3. Autonomous Vehicles

    4. Persistent Storage and File Systems

    5. Crash Analysis

    6. Battery Management Systems

    7. Power Converters

    8. Development of Active Suspension System for Improvement of Vehicle Dynamic Performance

    9. ML & AI in the Automotive Industry

    Upon the successful completion of these courses, the students will get a good exposure in the research world, attain knowledge and experience, publish a research paper in a reputed publication, and get a letter of recommendation from the respective lead researchers which will further help them in receiving a scholarship for their master’s education.

    “Skill-Lync has always strived to impart quality online engineering education to the indian students and now, they can get a funded admit to pursue their masters education as they now have research experience and a potential recommendation letter from a lead researcher,” said Suryanaraynan P, CO-Founder & CEO, Skill-Lync.

    Skill-Lync was officially founded in April 2018 by Sarangarajan V (CTO) and Suryanarayanan P (CEO). They both had their first hand impact due to the lack of quality and application-based learning in the Indian undergraduate education system. To curb this problem, Skill-Lync was launched as a YouTube channel which shared engineering tips, and today it is a platform that provides advanced engineering courses. It provides different types of courses, ranging from one-off modules to full-time curriculums.

    The start-up is backed by global investors including YCombinator, Founder of Gmail & YC Partner – Paul Buchheit and Founder of Better Capital Vaibhav Domkundwar.

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