UserTesting Launches New Test Types & Interactive Visualization Capabilities

UserTesting Launches New Test Types & Interactive Visualization Capabilities_Motiverge

Latest feature release includes Card sorting, iOS mobile app testing with TestFlight, Prioritization matrix, System usability scale plus, and Click maps

New Delhi, India – Collecting fast customer feedback has become mission-critical when competing in what is a very new and different business world. The ability to empathize with customers and understand how their buying behaviors have changed has never been more important than it is today. UserTesting, a leading provider of on-demand human insight, today announced several new capabilities designed to help companies meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers, with more test types that can give a greater understanding of how they organize and prioritize information, and interpret experiences.

With the latest release, UserTesting aims to provide a three-fold benefit to companies and brands while doing customer research; A. Leverage new test types to understand how your product, digital, and mobile iOS app experiences are resonating with customers. Developers can gather feedback on ease-of-use and perceived value before releasing apps on the App Store® online store with support for TestFlight® software public links. We’ve made it possible for you to do so with zero modifications to your project, zero lines of code, and zero configuration. Any team can easily gather qualitative feedback from real customers while they record their entire mobile screen – providing valuable input into how users interact with your app, and where you can optimize the experience.

System usability scale plus (SUS+) helps companies evaluate the usability of a product through a standardized template. This enables tracking improvements over time with longitudinal studies or easily comparing product usability to competitive products. Optional questions also allow users to measure promoter score and adjective rating. B. Understand how customers organize information and prioritize needs to deliver what they want. Card sorting helps users group, label, and describe information more effectively. UserTesting customers can now run closed, open, and hybrid card sort tests to gather insight into how to organize content and optimize their information architecture. With card sorting, companies can now more easily build experiences that put the customers’ needs first and make it easier for them to find what it is they want.

The prioritization matrix provides objective evidence to help teams prioritize tasks and projects. Not only does this reduce organizational risk by ensuring teams use customer feedback to focus on the most important tasks, but it also helps teams gain internal alignment faster with unbiased feedback directly from customers.

C. Save time during post-test analysis with powerful and interactive visualizations. Click maps provide an interactive visual representation of all participant clicks and inputs on websites and hosted prototypes. This saves time during post-test analysis by helping companies quickly evaluate critical site interactions and then drill down further to get additional context and watch customers explain their thought process as they complete tasks and navigate sites.

“Companies are having to change and adapt at record speeds. The shift to a digital-first strategy, combined with rapidly changing consumer sentiment, has made collecting customer feedback vital to the process of designing, building, and marketing experiences,” said Kaj van de Loo, CTO at UserTesting. “Our latest offerings focus on empowering product managers, marketers, UX researchers, and designers with the tools to help them collect, prioritize, and analyze feedback so that they can build experiences that resonate with their customers, even when customer attitudes and behaviors are rapidly changing.” Moreover, the latest product release includes new test types for both web and mobile experiences, plus interactive visualization capabilities in the form of click maps, designed to reduce the amount of time it takes to review and analyze data.

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