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Easiest Way to Get Fit – Chandigarh Based Fitelo Cracks the Code

Staying healthy can be hard. You eat clean, hit the gym regularly, subscribe to fitness trackers and meditation apps, sleep well, and focus on a stress-free life. All of this with a little time at hand.

Fitelo Co-founders, Mehakdeep Singh and Sahil Bansal

But there might be an easier road to staying fit, and this Chandigarh-based Startup, named Fitelo, has been pioneering easy-to-follow diet and wellness plans.

Fitelo enables users to lose weight, stay fit, and manage their diseases by providing customized nutrition and lifestyle management plans. With its AI-enabled app, and a dedicated team of 40+ dietitians, nutritionists, and doctors, Fitelo claims to have helped over 10,000 clients in the last 2 years.

With our understanding of technology, psychology, and our deep domain experience, we focus on introducing subtle healthy modifications into our clients lifestyle. Fitness seems hard today, but it can be simplified. You don’t need to follow a fad diet, take supplements or fancy foods, or even follow a strict exercise routine to be healthy. You just eat right most of the time, stay a little active, and sleep well,” said Sahil Bansal, Co-founder and CEO of Fitelo.

We understand our clients’ lifestyle which includes their eating habits, exercise, stress, sleeping patterns, habits, and social circles. Then we create customized wellness plans for them that help them move to a healthy lifestyle by taking baby steps. So, they don’t feel there have been sudden drastic changes in their routine or they have to spend a lot of time, but they are getting healthy,” added Mehakdeep Singh (Dietitian Mac), Co-founder and CIO of Fitelo.

Fitelo was founded in early 2019 when childhood friends Sahil and Mac met at an event. With Mac’s deep domain knowledge of food and nutrition, Sahil’s tech background and experience of managing teams, and their understanding of human behavior, they knew health could be simplified for people.

Mac and I have struggled with our weight life-long. After trying all popular weight loss solutions we realized that building healthy habits is the only solution that works in the long-term. We founded Fitelo with the aim to share our findings with countless others who need help. Our vision is to be a part of every individuals fitness and wellness journey,” added Mr. Bansal.

Obesity can be fatal and we want to help people maintain not only their physical health but also their mental and social wellbeing too. Sahil heads the company’s operations. I am constantly trying to innovate and make our product better. Our expert team gathers and studies client data to determine personalized plans that are most effective,” said Mr. Singh.

In less than 2 years, the Fitelo team has grown from 2 to 52 employees and serves customers in 13 countries. Fitelo is currently followed by 2.5 lakh people on Facebook and 50,000 on Instagram. With over 2,500 monthly clients, the company plans to expand its reach by providing services worldwide.

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