Child Prodigy Abhijita Gupta Launches Her New Book ‘We will Surely Sustain’

  • Abhijita Gupta is the third gen of the renowned poet duo Rashtrakavi Maithilisharan Gupt and Santkavi Shri Siyaramsharan Gupt

  • She has been recognized as the worlds youngest author and the Grandmaster in Writing by International and Asia book of records respectively

  • She is the first Indian child to sign a deal with the Invincible Publishers for her four upcoming books

A 7 years old writing prodigy, World’s youngest author Abhijita Gupta launched her new book ‘We will Surely Sustain‘ for her numerous readers. The launching ceremony was held at the premises of the Oxford Bookstore on 4th February, Thursday evening where Shri Lakshmi Shankar Bajpai, a renowned poet, Gazalkaar, and communicator graced the event with his presence and unveiled the book. The event witnessed an enthusiastic turnout of audiences from all age groups.

Child prodigy Abhijita Gupta launches her new book ‘We will Surely Sustain’

Abhijita wrote this book while the nation was under lockdown and she had enough time due to leave at her school as well. She gave words to her experience as a child during lockdown and the emotional ups and downs due to the rapidly unfolding events. She also shares how she spent her birthday in absence of her family members and friends. Further, the book talks about positive thoughts adopted by the author and how they helped her use the time for creative purposes. Through her immense love for writing the author took the audience on a journey of imagination from the perspective of children on COVID-19.

During the conversation with audiences, Abhijita Gupta said, “I am happy to launch my new book on behalf of all children who missed everything during the period of a pandemic. My dream is to write many stories and poems to motivate everyone.”

Abhijita is the only daughter of proud parents, Ashish Gupt and Anupriya Gupta. The family lives in Ghaziabad.

The audience sat in awe when the 7-year-old author turned the pages of her new book elucidating her views on the pandemic and its effect on children. Some of the audiences asked questions about how she managed positivity in such a negative environment of pandemic. Her answers were quite inspiring for the audiences.

“I am happy that I spent my time on my passion. During the writing, my parents extended me all support and also their experiences during pandemic. It further helped me shape my thoughts for the book,” Abhijita added.

Abhijita Gupta is the worlds youngest author to write poetry and prose and has been recognized as ‘Grandmaster in Writing‘ by the Asia Book of Records. She began writing when she was 5 years old and is currently a student in class 2. Creativity is in her blood as she is the third generation of the renowned poet duo- Rashtrakavi Maithilisharan Gupt and Santkavi Shri Siyaramsharan Gupt. She has become the first Indian child to sign a deal with the Invincible for her four upcoming books and she has already received a part of the royalty payment for the first 10,000 copies of her books.

She is a genius and gets inspired by the little things around her. Abhijita Gupta’s new novel ‘We will Surely Sustain‘ has an objective to spread positivity among kids of her age. Her first book ‘Happiness all around‘ was a huge success and from her new book ‘We will Surely Sustain‘ will keep on inspiring kids.

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