Atulya Unveils 100% Natural Healthcare and Wellness Products in India

Committed to find new ways to make lives better, Beacon Bio Life Sciences Private Limited (Beacon Bio) has launched its highly anticipated brand ‘Atulya’. A science-based, problem-solving, head-to-heel brand ‘Atulya‘ is yoked from natures wealth and categorized by confidence and healthy lives. It is through ‘Atulya‘, the company has brought to the customers the goodness of nature revealed by the exploration of Ayurveda and Modern Science.

Atulya Amla Bhringraj Oil

Under the flagship brand ‘Atulya‘, the company has rolled out an array of products, free from artificial colours, fragrances, parabens or any toxic elements. Ardently engrossed on the purity of elements and effectiveness of preparations, all ‘Atulya‘ products are high eminence and handsomely packaged with GMP certification, and accessible internationally. ‘Atulya‘ has also announced personal care product modernizations based on examination and involvement with nature and the heritage of understanding the world of herbs.

Atulya Chandan Haldi Soap

Mr. Gaurav Singh, Founder & Managing Director, Beacon Bio Life Sciences Private Limited said, “We are delighted to launch our new brand ‘Atulya‘ which encompasses products that binge the aptitude of wellness in every home and happiness in every heart. With more than two-decades of experience, we have developed our products as the incomparable innovators in exploring the collaboration between Ayurveda and modern science. We want to be recognized as the most reliable brand loved by the customers for our ethics, values, and commitment to sustainability. “

Atulya‘ boasts a strong product mix in several categories, and a comparable product range within those categories. A wide range of healthcare and wellness products under brand ‘Atulya‘ include Aloe vera soaps, Mix Fruit soaps, Lemon soaps, Lavender & Jasmine essential oils, Hair oils, Hair masks, Conditioners, Wine grape fruit lip balms, Tea Tree oil, Sandalwood oil, among others. All these pure Made-in-India products from brand ‘Atulya‘ are inspired by incredible nature. Powered by plant origin ingredients all these products are free from parabens, sulfate or any artificial colours and fragrances. Moreover, all these exclusive products are Ayurvedically curated and made of 100% naturally derived ingredients.

Acknowledged as the most reliable brand providing methodical healthcare resolutions, ‘Atulya‘ has already earned its widespread recognition on the back of the purity of elements and effectiveness of the preparations of its products.Continuing with Make-In-India drive, it’s also helping in stimulating the economic growth of the country by providing employment opportunities to the local forest communities. ‘Atulya‘ has engaged local forest communities, and small-scale farmers and artisans to spring the natural elements that advance their purity to its products.

About ‘Atulya’

Atulya‘ Founder had secured credence in the supremacy of nature’s goodness. With aim to be recognised as the most reliable brand ‘Atulya‘ has been on a mission to establish wellness as a fragment of every home for more than a few decades. The brand is loved by the customers for its ethics, values, and commitment to sustainability. Confronting all odds, he endured with a reliable spirit to comprehend his dreams to reality. He was inspired by the ancient science of healing through exquisite formulations which helped in the healing of skin, body, and hair care.

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