Indian Men are More Excited than Women to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021; UserTesting V-Day Survey

Indian Men are More Excited than Women to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021; UserTesting V-Day Survey
  • UserTesting, a customer research tool powered by Human Insight, conducted a survey to study the impact of the pandemic on Valentine’s Day
  • The survey was rolled out to men & women in India to gauge if they are excited about this year’s celebration, how they plan to spend their time, and what are their popular gift choices

New Delhi, India: UserTesting, a leading on-demand Human Insight platform, recently conducted a survey capturing the responses of Indian men and women around Valentines Day 2021. The study revealed that a majority of men in India are more enthusiastic than women about celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. In the past year due to the pandemic, couples have experienced major restrictions on their dating life due to lockdown, social distancing and remote working. Thus, when asked on a scale ranging from Not Excited to Extremely (scale of 1-5), 90% of men were considerably excited (4 rating) or extremely excited (5 rating) in comparison to only 60% women being extremely excited (5 rating).

Additionally, the survey finds four interesting insights on how Indians are planning to celebrate the day of love in 2021.

Stepping out of home is definitely on the cards for Indian couples:

In 2021, Indian couples are no longer taking pandemic as an excuse rather they are more keen on stepping out of their homes. 90% of men and 80% of women stated that they would go out on Valentine’s Day versus spending a night at home. Also, interestingly, 20% more women went out for Valentine’s Day in the year 2020 vis-a-vis in 2021.

Indians are true romantics:

While there are many holidays that are retail driven, however, for Indian Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love. As per the study, 60% of women and 50% of men in India stated that they ‘love Valentine’s Day’. Remaining, 20% of women and 50% of men admitted that they only celebrate it to make their partner happy. And about 20% of women stated that it’s “just a retail holiday but celebrate it anyway.

Gifting isn’t a mystery after all:

Buying the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner may pose as a challenge for some. But as per the survey, both women and men like to receive gifts on this day of love. 70% of women expressed their likeness for chocolates/ candies and gifts that are handmade, as their perfect valentine gift. And the remaining picked flowers and clothes/shoes are their second preference. However, with men, 70% of the respondents stated that they would like Electronics (phone, computer, video games, etc) as their gift, while clothes/shoes and jewelry (necklace, ring, watch, etc.) were second and third choices respectively.

Is planning a surprise still a thing:

The responsibility of planning Valentine’s Day activities revealed a wide gap between men and women in India. The study found that 80% of men said that they plan activities mutually with their significant other compared to only 40% of women who said the same. Another 20% of men and 30% of women stated that they were solely responsible for planning activities. The remaining 30% of women stated activities were planned solely by their partner. Thus, clearly shows that Valentine’s Day is no longer about planning surprises but a mutually decided celebration.