WOW Skin Science Expands Presence in Brick and Mortar Stores Across India

WOW Skin Science Expands Presence in Brick and Mortar Stores Across India
  • WOW Skin Science says physical stores will be more relevant than ever as consumers want to try & test experience before making a buying decision.
  • The brand sees long-term growth and stronger consumer connect with its latest brick and mortar store expansion strategy

It was in 2013 that WOW Skin Science and WOW Life Science launched their various beauty and wellness products online. In order to reach a greater number of consumers quickly and increase brand awareness, the brands took to the ‘digital-first‘ strategy. Being a boot-strapped start-up, working on tight deadlines, this strategy spelt success for WOW Skin Science and WOW Life Science.

Bhumi Pednekar

As WOW delivered impeccable products by blending nature and science, the brand gained popularity among consumers who wanted to nourish and maintain their skin and hair health. Initially, the growth was exclusively from the brands’ presence in the online marketplaces – Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Purplle etc. However, with increasing brand awareness and popularity, consumers wanted a more ‘Touch, Feel & Test‘ experience, and better accessibility to the products. This spurred the brand to put more focus on its offline retail strategy and expand presence in the brick-and-mortar stores across the country.

Now, WOW products are available in the mainstream market which holds a bigger revenue share than online stores. From house hoardings across cities in India to collaboration with PVR cinemas, WOW is showing strong signs of emerging as a market leader in beauty products in the offline retail space.

Disha Patani

Embrace nature, stay away from harsh chemicals” – the latest message from the brand with its brand ambassadors.

It’s an ecstatic feeling to spot hoardings launched by my favourite brand WOW Skin Science across Mumbai City. I bank upon their products for they are made with natural ingredients and have no harsh chemicals,” said Actress Bhumi Pednekar, Brand Ambassador for WOW Skin Science’s range of skincare products.

Madhur Acharya, Marketing Head of WOW Skin Science explained that the company is delighted to offer genuine natural products to their customers and is proud of the formulations that are without any synthetic additives like silicones, mineral oil, parabens, sulphates and artificial fragrance. The products are mild and gentle on skin and hair and help to deliver long-term results. “WOW Skin Science is a brand that prides itself on offering natural products derived from ancient beauty and wellness recipes. We have always been passionate about curating products as per the needs of our customers and we will forever do so with nature’s help,” said Acharya.

Disha Patani, who is the brand ambassador for WOW Skin Science’s range of haircare products too shared her excitement regarding the companys entry into the physical retail space.

My collaboration with WOW Skin Science has been great. They have some amazing product ranges, totally natural too and I relate to all of them,” said Patani.

What the consumers say about WOW Skin Science

In the course of eight years, WOW Skin Science products have succeeded in garnering a huge reputation among users. It has now a huge set of loyal consumers who come back to buy the products again and again as they have got visible results from using them. Besides, the strong customer support set up has helped strengthen this consumer-brand relationship. This is what some of the brand’s consumers have to say:

Mridul Bhatia, aged 29, who is a pilot by profession lauded WOW products and stated that this is one such brand that sticks to its promises. “I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash over the past few years. I love to take care of my skin without using harsh chemicals, and this face wash is the perfect one for me, as it removes dirt and dead cells effectively without affecting the glow and natural tone of my skin,” said Bhatia.

Dr. Upasana Kakar, aged 33, is a regular user of WOWs Onion Black Seed Hair Oil. According to Upasana, all her hair fall and hair breakage problems ended after she started using this WOW product. “I feel happy and relieved now, all credit goes to WOW oil. My hair is now growing thick, and the hair fall and breakage have reduced considerably,” said Dr. Upasana.

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