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SleepX Launches India’s First Neem Fresche Enabled Personal Protector

SleepX, the e-commerce brand from Sheela Foam Ltd. (makers of the flagship brand Sleepwell) has launched a first-of-its-kind portable personal protector sheet that allows consumers to choose the comfort of safe sleep wherever they go. The Personal Protector is a unique offering from SleepX that is easy to carry, hence enabling customers to have a safe and stress-free sleep at any place and time.

#PracticeSafeSleep with SleepX Personal Protector

Today, customers are constantly in search of new product innovations that add to a safety shield in their daily lives. Old mattresses breed dust mites and fungus that cause various skin and breathing problems. SleepX Personal Protector used over the old mattress acts as a personal protection shield against these germs, ensuring one stays healthy and hygienic.

#PracticeSafeSleep with SleepX Personal Protector

The SleepX Personal Protector does more than providing physical barriers against spillovers. Below are some other advantages of personal protector sheet:

  • Being easy to carry, the personal protector can be carried while travelling and placed on any unsensitized surfaces such as beds in hotel rooms, outdoor camps, guest bedrooms, railway coach beds etc.

  • The sheet is treated with Neem Fresche Technology to eliminate germs and allergens from mattresses, keeping you healthy and hygienic

  • Neem Fresche technology used in it is certified by US Environmental Protection Agency, and is ideal for usage by all, but compulsory for infants, elderly and patients

Speaking on this, Mr. Sumit Sehgal, Chief Marketing Officer, Sheela Foam Ltd. said, “We have always endeavored to integrate the highest-level personalization in SleepX’s product portfolio. The current situation demands practicing safety in all aspects of our lives. The Personal Protector mattress is a step ahead to achieve that hygiene in mattresses wherever one sleeps. We are confident that the product will receive a positive response from our audience.”

The SleepX Personal Protector mattress comes in the form of a water-resistant breathable fabric, that is easy to wash and clean. It is to be placed right beneath the bedsheet and above a mattress. The product is very attractively priced at INR 699 and can be purchased from the official SleepX website. However, it is recommended to exchange the old one after every 100 nights.

About Sheela Foam

A leader in Polyurethane (PU) Foam, Sheela Group is a multi-billion-rupee entity. It has a nationwide presence in manufacturing PU Foam with a global marketing perspective and an impeccable track record, since 1971. Sheela Group is committed to a one-point programme that of bringing comfort, convenience and luxury to enhance the lifestyle of a modern man.

The winning brands of Sheela Group includes, Sleepwell – The flagship brand for mattresses and comfort accessories, Feather Foam – A Pure PU Foam, Lamiflex – A superior quality Polyether/Polyester foam for lamination. These are ranked as the largest selling PU Foam in the country.

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