Design Pataki by Esha Gupta Launches DP Cult

Design Pataki by Esha Gupta Launches DP Cult

Pioneering endeavour of Design Pataki is set to revolutionize the way architects and designers source from India.

One of India’s foremost digital magazines on design, art, architecture, and lifestyle, Design Pataki goes through a complete transformation and launches #DPCULT – a cutting-edge platform that provides exclusive access to virtual showrooms of the finest design Brands in India, editorial deep dives, and a podcast that deconstructs the design world with leading industry experts.

Design Pataki by Esha Gupta

In a saturated ‘offline‘ marketplace, #DPCULT show house highlights the finest products ‘online‘ to help designers, architects, and buyers from across the globe make easier and more informed decisions.

The aim of #DPCULT show house is to streamline the conversation around design brands in a country brimming with potential. From companies focused solely on ethical goods to luxury brands, fresh and upcoming businesses to veterans in the design scene, its database is tailored to suit every kind of requirement, covering the whole gamut of design and decor. #DPCULT show house is personally curated by Esha Gupta, Founder of Design Pataki.

Being at the forefront of design trends in India has given us a keen insight into the industry. Very often, we’re approached by innovative brands looking to break into the design community. On the other hand, architects and designers, especially those overseas, constantly reach out to us for our newest finds and top recommendations.

“Over time we’ve grown increasingly aware of this vast disconnect in the Indian design landscape and decided it was time to do something about it. That’s how the idea for #DPCULT show house came about,” Esha Gupta.

This is the need of the hour, as the design world is ushered into a new era marked by social distancing. Tasks like visiting different cities in search of new materials and exploring furniture expos with clients are growing increasingly difficult. With rising apprehensions over physical sourcing, vetted lists from established sources will hold more importance than ever before!

#DPCULT show house is a pathway for design brands in a timely and interesting era to be an exclusive resource, available to Design Pataki’s growing roster of Indian and International interior designers and architects.

This evolved version of the digital magazine is set to be a unique platform for intelligent storytelling – a combination of Indian and international sensibilities which aim to establish a connection between the reader and the world of design.

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