Femingo Launches 100% Natural and Clinically Validated Topical Application Oil Serums for PCOS, Primary Dysmenorrhea

Femingo, a unit of Yogic Naturals launches one of the world’s first 100% natural, clinically validated, international peer reviewed medical journal published, topical application oil serums for PCOS and Primary Dysmenorrhea. This highlights the brands focus on Women’s Health and Wellness category through their natural, external use oil serums.

Femingo, GO-GO-YIN, Menstrual Pain Relief Oil Serum

Femingo is a woman centric self-care brand that is setting new standards for Women’s Health and Wellness. With the holistic approach that focuses on the root cause & not symptoms alone, there is finally a clinically validated Topical Application Ayurveda Solution GO GO YIN Oil Serum for Primary Dysmenorrhea (a condition of painful menstruation) and PCOS Oil Serum for PCOS-Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a menstrual disorder. What better day than announcing these very important oil serums that can help thousands of women to live a healthy fulfilled life.

Many women across the globe face conditions where an imbalance of hormones leads to the growth of ovarian cysts, painful periods, heavy bleeding and other related issues – irregular ovulation, infertility, weight gain, hair fall, facial hair growth, acne, hypertension, high cholesterol, endometrial and breast cancer, sleep apnea, anxiety, depression, and diabetes – which are generally taken for granted as being endemic to our generation. It’s time to start talking PCOS and Primary Dysmenorrhea.

Today, we finally have a clinically validated Solution for PCOS and Primary Dysmenorrhea, researched and developed by a Delhi-based healthcare brand Femingo by Yogic Naturals. Backed by over 27 years of R&D by Inventor Mr. Amul S. Bahl, a 10 pointer from IIT-Delhi. Traditional therapies lack modern scientific validation and Femingo by Yogic Naturals has blended ancient scientific principles with modern scientific validation which has brought back hope and happiness to many women and their families.

Mr. Amul S. Bahl the Inventor says “PCOS and Primary Dysmenorrhea, especially in India, is not merely health issues, they have critical social implications for women and their families. It impacts their confidence, self-esteem, matrimonial relationships apart from numerous health concerns. Our aim is to correct the root cause and bring harmony within a woman’s inner being, her aspirations, her self-image and her relationships. Hence we always looked at a researched treatment for PCOS and not just its symptoms.”

Products by Femingo

PCOS Oil Serum Treatment for Freedom from PCOS

The treatment for PCOS consists two oil serums Endobal and Yin (PC). The former focuses on harmonizing hormonal imbalance and its symptoms, while the latter focuses on the ovarian size and cysts. This topical use oil serums have proven vast improvement hormonal behavior and disappearance of the cysts, leading many to testify for this cost-effective, easily-applicable and pain-free healing process, which can be administered in the comforts and privacy of your bedroom.

The 3rd party independent clinical trial showed significant improvement in the key parameters of PCOS.

  • Menstrual Cycle:
  • Irregularity
  • Pain
  • Duration
  • Quantity of Bleeding
  • Hirsutism
  • Ovarian Volume
  • Follicular Cysts
  • PCOS Resulting Infertility

Go Go Yin Oil Serum Treatment for #CrampFreePeriods (Primary Dysmenorrhea)

The product is a unique blend of plant extracts/plant oils, that stimulate circulation and relax and comfort during painful menses. Useful for all ages, this ancient formulation relaxes everyday stress and optimizes wellbeing. It gives a woman true freedom.

The clinical trial showed significant improvement in the key parameters of Primary Dysmenorrhea

  • Reduction of Menstrual Cramps
  • Reduction in Abdominal/Pelvic Pain
  • Reduction in Duration of Menstrual Bleeding
  • Regulating Excessive Bleeding
  • Improve Pelvic Health

Go Go Yin reduces cramping and pain very quickly, being fast acting, it is easy to use, sleek, private and improves pelvic health.

Key Features of the Solutions
The solutions have been clinically validated having undergone a successful randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study (under the auspices of Clinical Trial Registry of India) that has been published in international peer reviewed medical journals. The solutions involve external application of oil serums and don’t require any ingestion of medicine. The solutions are scientific, safe, effective with NO added chemicals, heavy metals or steroids.

About Femingo

Femingo, a unit of Yogic Naturals is a self-care brand that is setting new standards for Women’s Health and Wellness through their natural, external use oil serums. With the Holistic approach that focuses on the root cause & not symptoms alone, the brand is launching a range of women-oriented products which aim at providing solutions to very specific issues faced by women worldwide.

About Yogic Naturals
After 27 years of research by independent scientist Mr. Amul Bahl, Yogic Naturals has developed a whole portfolio of treatment that is based on Ayurveda Nanocellpathy. It uses oils/extracts that are of plant origin topically to treat different ailments. Their portfolio consists of three broad categories namely OTC, Healthcare and Bio Defense sector.

With 8 successful clinical trials and 8 international peer reviewed medical journal publications, Yogic Naturals is coupling the ancient science of Ayurveda Nanocellopathy with modern scientific validation on efficacy and safety to create a unique winning combination. The key aspects of this technology are:

  • 100% natural plant extract-based oils.
  • Used topically only (no ingestion of any medicine)
  • They have no added chemicals, steroids or heavy metals;
  • Scientifically validated and licensed

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