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World Sleep Day: Improve the Quality of Your Sleep with Emma – The Sleep Company

Did you know that sleep occupies 26 years’ worth of an average human’s life, and another 7 years are spent just trying to fall asleep The pandemic has been grim and stressful for all of us. Stress can take a toll on our sleep cycle, which is essential for health and well-being. While most of us continue to work from home, our sleep quality has been impacted and we do not exactly know how to make it better.

Emma – The Sleep Company, Sponsor for World Sleep Day, 2021

Why do we need sleep Sleep is an important function that allows you to refresh and recharge your body. It keeps your mind alert during waking hours. Good sleep does not just keep us in good shape, but also helps us build immunity and fight off diseases. Over the past 1 year, many of us have had to adapt to makeshift workspaces – office by the day and bedroom by the night. If you share your home with your family, then you know the challenges of adapting to the situation. Since the spaces are no longer conducive for inducing restful sleep, people admit to struggle with falling asleep.

Working overtime has worsened the situation, not to forget the already existing offshoot of excessive screen-time and social media addiction. How then can you ensure on this World Sleep Day, you commit to a better quality of sleep, even if the hours may be fewer As far as the duration of sleep is concerned, most adults require a minimum number of 7 to 9 hours of sleep, while children and teenagers need much more. If you find that this quantity is being compromised, you can make up for it by improving the quality of your sleep.

Emma – The Sleep Company is breaking ground in sleep technology. The Emma Original is a high-end durable mattress, which offers pressure relief and supports the spine regardless of the sleeping position. Powered with All Body, All Positions Ergonomics, sleepers of all shapes and sizes stay comfortable throughout the night in any sleeping position. Its ultra-base technology offers continuous zones optimized for perfect spinal alignment. Among other perks, the Emma Original offers Motion Isolation Technology, which means, if you share your bed with a partner or family member that tends to toss and turn a lot, it will not disturb your sleep at all!

In fact, with the hot summer making its presence known, you can sleep at optimum temperatures, even without an air-cooling device. The Emma Original cover enhances air circulation throughout the mattress and keeps humidity out, regulating temperatures to the optimum. The 1.5-inch layer of breathable Airgocell Foam absorbs moisture and keeps you cool all night long. On World Sleep Day, you can get acquainted with Emma and give it a chance for only 100 days to see for yourself! Yes, with a 100-night trial, you can explore all of the benefits and if you’re still not convinced, the good folks at Emma – The Sleep Company will offer you a complete refund!

Many of us associate sleep with lethargy, but it is time to change that narrative, sleep is an essential function. It improves your productivity, stimulates creative juices, and energizes you so that you can face up to the demands of the day! If there is one thing we should not compromise on, it is the hours that we spend sleeping. If you are going to spend a third of your life sleeping, it is only wise to commit to making the most of it!

For more information, please visit www.emma-mattress.in.

About Emma – The Sleep Company

Emma – The Sleep Company is a founder-managed company and with 1.5 million mattresses sold in 2020, it is the world’s leading D2C sleep brand. Founded in 2013 as Bettzeit GmbH by Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi and Manuel Mueller, the Sleep Tech company is based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and operates globally. In 2020, Emma – The Sleep Company achieved a record turnover of EUR 405 million (USD 494.7 million), a growth rate of 170% from the previous year. The company is made up of the brands Emma and Dunlopillo (Brand Rights: Germany and Austria). The flagship product is the Emma bed-in-a-box, which is currently available in 26 countries. The mattress is sold directly to consumers via an omni-channel customer experience that includes over 1,700 stores.

The successful omni-channel strategy has been made possible by mutually beneficial partnerships with several retailers. The recently launched Emma Select portfolio and its customer-centric approach supports retail partners in-store. Emma – The Sleep Company is breaking ground in sleep technology. Their expert Research & Development team is taking advantage of what technology can do for rest by developing innovative products that make a positive impact on people’s lives by enhancing their sleep. In doing so, Emma launched the world’s most advanced smart mattress: Emma Motion. Its innovative smart technology adjusts to each individuals sleep position automatically and ensures optimal spinal alignment throughout the night. To scale the business and innovate as fast as possible, Emma’s 500+ team members are constantly creating and implementing new concepts to optimize everything from their global supply chains to marketing and sales. The company keeps its sharp competitive edge by staying agile, discovering pragmatic solutions to challenges, and maintaining a digital mindset. The team celebrates and encourages diversity in all areas: diversity of thought, character, ideas, and background. The company is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, with additional locations in Manila (Philippines), Lisbon (Portugal) and Shanghai (China). On July 1, 2020, Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH group acquired 50.1 percent of Emma – The Sleep Company.

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