International Online Travel Company Achieves 100% SLA Success Rate with Hiver

International Online Travel Company Achieves 100% SLA Success Rate with Hiver
Representational Image, one of the five biggest online sellers of flight tickets in Europe, deployed Hiver – a Gmail-based customer service solution, and significantly improved the efficiency of its business development team. With Hiver, the team achieves a 100% SLA success rate.

At, email serves as an important communication channel, especially for the business development team. The team works with numerous partners (airlines and travel agencies) to consolidate information on ticket availability and prices for customers. They handle upwards of 1500 emails on a monthly basis, ranging from sourcing offers and deals that go on the website, to processing partner invoices.

Earlier, email management was a tiresome process for the team. They used Gmail lists to route incoming emails to team members, which led to a lot of email clutter, and hampered the team’s efficiency. The team manager also had little visibility into the status of the team’s tasks, and no way to measure their performance. As a result, the team failed to meet the internal SLA of 24 hours while replying to partners.

With Hiver, turned their email lists into Shared Inboxes within Gmail. This helps the team stay on the same page. Hiver’s Automations have made the process of email assignment time-efficient and effortless.

As a result, the team now meets the internal SLA 100% of the time.

On an average, automates 5000 actions per month – which translates into 167 hours saved monthly.

In addition to improving the team’s efficiency, Hiver also gives the team’s manager complete visibility into the ownership of emails, their status, and how workload is distributed within the team. Additionally, Hiver’s Analytics provides clear insights into how the team is performing.

David Pinto, Business Development, said, “We are now responsible for a lot more than we thought we could. I have visibility on the volume of emails, the types of issues that we’re getting. I can now ensure that the operational tasks are accomplished in a timely manner. Hiver helps my team grow faster.”

Niraj Ranjan Rout, Co-founder, and CEO of Hiver said, “For companies to foster lasting partner relationships and goodwill, timely responses are critical. In the travel industry especially, competition is immense, and timelines are everything! We’re extremely glad that with Hiver, has improved their business development team’s efficiency and performance.”

About Hiver

Hiver is a Gmail-based customer service solution that helps teams across the organization collaborate on shared inboxes like services@, orders@, support@.

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