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Fittr Announces Winner of Transformation Challenge 12; Pankaj Mishra from Orissa Wins the Title and Takes Home INR 5 Lakh

Fittr, one of the world’s largest community-first online health and fitness brands, announced the winner of its 12th edition of Transformation Challenge (TC), Pankaj Mishra from Sambalpur, a small town in Orissa. He takes home a cash reward of INR 5 lakh along with a high-end smartwatch.

Pankaj Mishra, Winner, Fittr’s Transformation Challenge 12

Pankaj Mishra was selected after a careful evaluation of his transformation and consistency along with his contribution to the Fittr community. He was also amongst the Top 5 contestants of TC 11 last year. Along with him, the other winners of TC 12 include 1st runner-up, Dr. Rajshree Pandya, Mumbai and 2nd runner-up, Tushar Bhange, Pune. While Dr. Rajshree Pandya has won a cash reward of INR 2 lakh, Tushar has won INR 1 lakh. Both of them also get high-end smartwatches. In addition to this, the top 10 contestants received high-end sports shoes and the top 50 received fitness trackers.

Speaking on his victory, Pankaj Mishra said, “Winning the Transformation Challenge 12 means a lot to me, especially after coming close in the previous challenge where I was amongst the top 5. Unlike other fitness challenges, TC pushes you to compete with your past self, helps you grow by the day, and do whatever it takes to keep going on. I am grateful to my mentor and the Fittr community for being sources of constant support. I am equally thrilled and inspired to see the journey of my fellow contestants. I wish to continue on this consistent path of fitness, enabling me to change my life and fulfilling my dream.”

The exciting 12-week challenge was hosted on the Fittr app around the theme of #WhateverItTakes. To encourage the participants and boost their confidence, Fittr had also released an anthem earlier this year based on the theme. Transformation Challenge 12 commenced on 2nd January 2021 and ended in March 2021, attracting close to 22,000 participants from across the world.

As part of the challenge, the participants are required to upload a video every week in the suggested format to showcase their week-on-week progress. The aim of the Transformation Challenge is to push boundaries and work towards bringing out a fitter and healthier version of oneself. The participants are evaluated on multiple factors such as muscle gain, fat loss, and consistency from the past transformation challenges.

Congratulating the winner, Jitendra Chouksey, CEO and Founder, Fittr said, “The idea behind Transformation Challenge was to encourage the community to compete with themselves. I firmly believe that the greatest achievement is to become better than yesterday, and with such challenges, we push ourselves for a fitter body and mind. It was a delight to see close to 22,000 people motivated to share their journey with the community during the 12th edition of Transformation Challenge. I congratulate Pankaj Mishra on winning the Challenge, along with Dr. Rajshree Pandya and Tushar Bhange on winning the 1st and 2nd runner-up position. For the upcoming challenges, I wish all the participants the very best.”

For Transformation Challenge 12, the judging process had been changed. A panel of 35 judges, comprising Basic, Standard and Expert coaches, who understand the journey and have been INFS scholars themselves, decided the winners. This was done to raise the bar of quality judging and ensure a quick turnaround time.

This year, the grand prize of INR 1 crore will be awarded to the top performer across all the editions of Transformation Challenges that will take place in 2021, including TC 12. The jury will select top 10 contenders from each edition of the challenge, and ultimately select one winner from among these 30 finalists.

About Fittr

Founded in 2016 by Jitendra Chouksey, Fittr is one of the world’s largest community-first online nutrition and fitness platforms. It focuses on democratising fitness by educating and empowering users to become fit. Today, Fittr has scaled to become a one-stop-shop for all nutrition and fitness needs. Its mission is to make 50 million people fit and create 100,000 meaningful career opportunities in the fitness industry.

For additional information, please visit www.fittr.com.

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