Pune’s SaiShree Hospital Launches Western India’s First Fully Active Robotic Joint Replacement System

Pune's SaiShree Hospital Launches Western India's First Fully Active Robotic Joint Replacement System

Western India’s first CUVIS Joint robotic system is installed in SaiShree Hospital in Aundh, Pune under the Superintendence of leading joint replacement surgeon Dr. Neeraj Adkar (Chief Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon & Managing Director, SaiShree Hospital).

CUVIS fully automatic robotic Joint Replacement system

Surgeons at the Saishree Hospital in Pune performed multiple successful CUVIS Joint Robotics-assisted total knee replacement surgeries for the first time in Pune this week. A 65 years old Mrs. Leela Deshmukhwas suffering with severe right knee pain. The patients left knee transplant had been done by Dr. Neeraj Adkarby a conventional technique. When Mrs. Deshmukh came with severe pain in her right knee, she wanted to opt for the most recent and advance technique for Joint Replacement surgery. This prompted team Saishree to perform the CUVIS Joint robotic making her feel a significant difference between her left and right knee surgeries. CUVIS Joint is western India’s fully active robotic knee replacement system (developed in South Korea). The family members of Mrs Deshmukh was awestruck by watching her walk without significant pain within 4 hours of the surgery itself.

The joint replacement surgery team of SaiShree successfully Pioneered by Dr. Neeraj Adkar has already performed a number knee replacement surgeries with CUVIS Joint. One of the finest surgeons with an advanced robotic system at his disposal has redefined arthroplasty benchmarks for the IT Capital of India – Pune.

“CUVIS joint replacement is at a much higher pedestal than traditional joint replacement surgery Myalliance with CUVIS Joint started in its expanding phase. And I proudly acknowledge that it has performed astounding feats inside the Operation theatre. In a month’s time, we have performed multiple surgeries and all of our patients are doing extremely well. This advanced robotic joint replacement system has brought forth a revolution of staggering measures in the field of arthroplasty,” says Dr. Neeraj Adkar

CUVIS Robotics-assisted joint replacement surgery has many definitive benefits over conventional joint replacement surgery

  • It enables the surgeon to operate with enhanced precision even during the most complex procedures and difficult cases.
  • Enhanced precision and lesser bone removal leads to less blood loss, painless, faster and better post-operative outcomes for the patient.
  • Personalization: patient-specific pre-planning and virtual surgery simulation
  • Best implant positioning with cutting edge accuracy helps with the improved longevity and durability of implantation
  • Lesser human intervention leading to reduced possibility of human errors and a possibility of intra-operative infection
  • Faster recovery and discharge from hospitals

CUVIS Joints features:

  • Maximum precision, accuracy and flexibility on offer, it has features for maximum safety as well.
  • It takes help of CT-Scan images to develop patient specific 3D bone model and does virtual simulation of joint replacement surgeries personalized for each patient.
  • With sub-millimeter dimensional accuracy, it helps to get the optimal post-surgery outcomes for joint replacement.

“CUVIS Joint reduces the possibilities of human error and ensures perfect alignment, leading to the longevity of the joint implant. Though this is a very high-end technology in our hospital, we have chosen to make it affordable, so that more patients will be able to benefit from this,” confirms Dr. Neeraj Adkar.

The Patients and their families are extremely happy with the outcomes from such world-class cutting edge technology, now available to them in Pune, Maharashtra.

Patients were discharged to get back home within 2-3 days of the joint replacement surgery and are now undergoing physical rehabilitation to return to an active lifestyle soon.

Using CUVIS Joint robotic surgery helps to prevent human error as well as gives best results to the patient, after the surgery same day the patient can walk more confidently, also gets the discharge within three days which results in minimum hospital stay, reduces the use of painkiller medicines. Overall, the robotics has become a boon for the patients.

The CUVIS Joint Robotic system is vision towards technological advancement in the field of Joint replacement surgery and Arthroscopic surgeries in the coming times Dr Neeraj Adkar

“CUVIS Joint technology makes artificial joint replacement more beneficial for a patient, in less time, more accuracy can be obtained, which also increases the longevity of implants and joints. I am very happy to hear that Pune now has CUVIS Joint Robotics technique for Joint Replacement and in the hands of Dr. Neeraj Adkarat Saishree Hospital,” said Dr. Chandrasekhar P. Director & Head of Orthopedics, Sakra World Hospital, Bengaluru.

Dr. Niraj Adkar, when asked why he chose to get this technology, said, “We at Saishree have always believed in giving the best to the patients. We always focus on patient safety and outcomes. With this new edge CUVIS joint technology we are driving this and are at par with the world in healthcare.”

On this occasion patient says, “I am very happy with the pain relief and recovery is much better on the knee which was operated through this new CUVIS Joint robotic surgery.”

About Saishree Hospital & Dr. Neeraj Adkar (MBBS, D.Ortho, DNB) and his team

SaiShree Hospital have always delivered their best in the field of orthopaedics, precisely Joint Replacement Surgeries. With an experience of practicing for more than 18 years and operating 6,000+ joint surgeries so far, Dr. Adkar and the team of SaiShree Hospital were really keen on bringing the most advanced technology in joint replacement and set the new standards of patient outcomes. In the era of navigation, they performed surgeries with the help of navigation system and now they have opted for the most advanced and Western India’s only active robotic joint replacement system named CUVIS Joint. With its ultra-modern setup, SaiShree Hospital has consistently delivered the best post-surgical outcome for the patients.