SeekMed Starts ‘Seek Second Opinion’ for Health Awareness, a global tele-health platform is making strides in the digital space with its campaign Seek Second Opinion. Through this campaign, they want to implore people to get second opinion for any complex physical or mental problem that they have. People shouldn’t take any kind of disease lightly and one opinion just might not be enough for many of those diseases. The campaign focuses on promoting awareness of good health among people. It also asks them to get timely and expert medical opinion as soon as they see any kind of symptom. Early detection and correct diagnosis go a long way in improving a patient’s health.

Seek Second Opinion – SeekMed

SeekMed is the winner of the gold award in the health startup category at the prestigious IHW Awards 2020. It was established on the idea of empowering the patient community so they can take better control of their medical decisions. The platform is designed to make it easier for patients to remotely connect with experienced super-specialists for professional and ethical medical advice. With highly admired and award winning super-specialists on board, they are keen to provide accurate medical consultations to anyone in need. To convey their message, they launched the campaign #SeekSecondOpinion with a branded film on World Health Day 2021. The importance of second opinion has been well studied and documented. According to a study in 2017, almost 21% of patients got a completely different diagnosis when they went for a second opinion at the Mayo Clinic, USA. Second opinion must be sought if the diagnosis or treatment path is not clear.

Importance of second opinion | SeekMed

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On this occasion, Sharad Dubey, Co-founder of SeekMed said, “It is highly important to understand why second opinion is necessary before you go for any treatment or surgery. It doesn’t matter how small or big the problem is. Even a fever can turn out to be something completely different and severe if we just keep taking the same medication over and over without taking second opinion from an expert. And then, it might be too late for that expert to do anything about it. We need to put our health in the priority and in a time like today, it is essential that we do not ignore even the mildest symptom. Second opinion has saved lives in the past and it still does so. As it said in the branded film, erroneous diagnosis is the third leading cause of death. It is time for us to recognize this as a serious issue and work on the solution.”

At SeekMed, they have set out to build a brand that patients can trust and they are doing this by bringing the best in medicine and the best in technology together. They believe a well-informed patient can expect better health outcomes. They have India’s largest health library containing one of the most comprehensive collections of knowledge in the world that patients can use throughout their health journeys. With a user-friendly online consultation app and website, it is very simple to send an appointment request to an expert from SeekMed and have video consultation from the comfort of the patient’s own home. It is high time that everyone understands the importance of second opinion for their health issues and #SeekSecondOpinion before it is too late.