Control Centre of Mangaluru Smart City Helps in Fight Against COVID with Real Time Data

Control Centre of Mangaluru Smart City Helps in Fight Against COVID with Real Time Data

The Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC), a major component of the Mangaluru Smart City project, has been converted into a 24X7 dedicated COVID War Room to help administrators combat the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic based on real time data and data analytics. ICCC with helpline No 1077 has become the hub for multi-location, multi-department and multi-level measures of the government against the pandemic.

Mangaluru Smart Citys Control Centre

Mangaluru is one of the leaders in ICCC implementation in Karnataka. The Centre’s smart facilities against Disaster Management & Emergency Response have come handy for monitoring, collecting, consolidating, and reporting real-time data on the pandemic. Health professionals use ICCC to provide telemedicine services to people under self-quarantine at their homes or other places within the city.

In addition to Disaster Management & Emergency Response, the major applications of the ICCC are Intelligent Transport Management System, Solid Waste Management System, Unified Messaging System, and Public Information System. Making use of different layers and components of ICT technologies, ICCC collects, integrates, and processes real time data from multiple types of sensors. Nearing completion is the development of One Touch Mangaluru, a web and mobile-enabled master platform for accessing all the services and operations management.

Mangaluru becomes the first city in Karnataka to implement a QR code based solid waste management system, wherein each house is assigned a QR code. The collection staff can scan the code after collecting waste – they can also enter additional information – say, a house is closed, using a handheld device. The entire process can be tracked, monitored and managed with the help of data, map and reports that are displayed at the ICCC. The residents too can register complaints through One Touch Mangaluru mobile app from their smartphones shortly.

Mangaluru also gets smart poles that have emerged as the core components of smart city infrastructure. A new feature on the urban landscape, these poles come with in-built surveillance systems, cameras, leverage sensors and communication technologies to create an intelligent environment. The smart poles are connected to ICCC and help authorities in monitoring various services and security in the city. As of now 14 Smart poles are operational.

The video surveillance system on these poles can help police maintain law and order, as the posts can help in future to detecting traffic violations, criminal activities, and in responding to emergency situations. With internet of things (IoT) connectivity and smart pole technology, emergency services and first responders have a powerful smart detection tool that can help them close the emergency response gap. Smart poles can help identify high pollution areas and help the administration take localized measures to tackle emission issues.

Madras Security Printer Private Limited (MSP), a 42-year old company specializing in e-governance solutions, IT & ICT based solution, smart card based solutions, identity management, biometric solutions, Data center & high security printing, is the Local System Integrator of the ICCC in this port city. MSP is also the Master System Integrator (MSI) for the Centralized Data Center, being set up at Karnataka Municipal Data Society, Bengaluru, for connecting five smart cities in the State, and host data from the cities centrally.