Ezetap Partners With SnapBizz For Grocery Solutions

Ezetap Partners With SnapBizz For Grocery Solutions
Image Courtesy : SnapBizz

New Delhi, India: Ezetap, India’s leading digital payments company, joined hands with retail technology startup SnapBizz, to offer a full suite of grocery solutions along with value-added services for mom-and-pop store owners. The strategic partnership with SnapBizz will allow grocers to receive exclusive access to customized applications all on a single platform, thereby aiming to improve their operational efficiency and digitise the Kirana segment.

The Indian FMCG market is transactionally a 1500B USD market with 90% of trade happening through kirana stores. Digital penetration was one of the lowest in this segment however, post Covid, retailers have started exploring tech-driven solutions which enable them to grow their business and streamline operations. This is where SnapBizz’ unique applications like SnapOrder online store app, SnapBilling store management solution, and SnapSupply come into play. These solutions are backed by an advanced machine learning stack to create the largest standard taxonomy for a database of more than 500K SKUs of loose and packaged items, which come pre-loaded for merchants, making them digital in less than 10 minutes and get connected digitally and financially to the entire FMCG and fintech ecosystem respectively.

Ezetap’s latest products like My Rewards and My Khaata will add to the suite of offerings to this segment. My Khaata will help grocers to keep a track and maintain the credit sales given to customers while My Rewards is a feature which can help retailers earn rewards by achieving their sales targets. To help kirana shop owners overcome the challenge of manual and time-consuming operational processes, My Khaata will ensure that timely payment reminders are sent to customers, allowing merchants to adapt to digital ways of bookkeeping for their most loyal customers. 

This joint partnership of Ezetap and Snapbizz stitches together value-added services brought on board by both companies. This new and end-to-end offering to the kirana segment is backed by Ezetap’s intuitive platform/SDK which can be easily plugged into any business app and accepts all modes of digital payments like credit/debit card, QR code payments, SMS Pay, etc; and also enable automatic reconciliation, provide cashback, and beyond.

Commenting on the business partnership with SnapBizz, Byas Nambisan—CEO at Ezetap, said, “Today, kirana shop owners have a lot of choices in terms of solutions, so we are putting together a simple-to-implement, out-of-the-box experience—where all solutions are available on a single platform. This seems to be the need of the hour. Ezetap has also partnered with all major banks in India to give them the choice of their banking partners”.

The consumer retail segment has witnessed a rapid growth in terms of digitisation of MSMEs. This was fueled by the current covid era which brought in new opportunities in the retail sector, specially for kiranas. As a result, over a million kiranas have gone digital in recent months and their stores have gone online by accepting online payments, ordering supplies online, managing inventory, etc. The technology cover now enables them to leverage their strengths like proximity, personal touch, and flexibility further to acquire new customers effortlessly. In this respect, customer experience plays a critical role in the growth of any retail business. Our partnership with Ezetap focuses on achieving exactly that.”, highlighted Prem Kumar, the CEO of SnapBizz.