Clovia Partners With WebEngage to Supercharge Conversions And Revenue

Online lingerie brand Clovia partners with WebEngage to supercharge conversions and revenue
Avlesh Singh, CEO and Co-founder of WebEngage

National, India:  Clovia, India’s leading lingerie brand, has registered an 85% uptick in revenue for specific journey-led campaigns powered by WebEngage. Launched in 2015, Clovia is one of the leading and fastest-growing full-stack lingerie, sleepwear, shape-wear, and intimate hygiene brands in India. Clovia currently caters to 1 mn+ monthly active users on their online properties. The brand prides itself on being singularly driven by customer feedback. It processes 140mn+ user-profile data points across ~ 3 mn users to deliver a superior experience to its customers. It also has its presence across 250+ offline stores in the country.

Clovia leveraged WebEngage’s Journey feature to implement intelligent campaigns to optimize the customer checkout process and increase conversions. The brand performed a detailed funnel analysis of users to track user actions on the app and website and analyze the users whose activities didn’t result in conversions. The Clovia team created a checkout funnel to observe the behavior patterns of high-intent users over different time frames. This helped affirm the best time to send out cart abandonment campaigns and bring about effective measures. Clovia’s push notifications and Email open rates increased by 17% and 42%, respectively, which was instrumental in reducing funnel drop-offs.

Clovia has crafted an individualized platform experience with the help of intelligent engagement campaigns. The brand strives to deliver a one-to-one customer experience with lifecycle marketing campaigns via 60+ active omni channel journeys using WebEngage’s journey designer. These journeys optimize the checkout process, increase conversions, and deliver a hyper-personalized experience to users consistently across mobile and web platforms.

Rajeshwar Rao, Head of Marketing – Clovia, added, “WebEngage’s integration with Clovia has successfully enabled about 60+ journeys running on Clovia at the same time, which is remarkable.  We have a laser-sharp focus on improving the end-user experience with user engagement and reaping the rewards for the brand.

Avlesh Singh, Co-founder & CEO, WebEngage, says, “We are glad to have partnered with Clovia to enable the right user engagement strategy to help create hyper-personalized customer experiences. Some fabulous work has been done by the brand using Journeys to create tangible value in revenue growth. The ability to deduce the optimal time to connect with users and leverage that data in communication is an exciting validation of the power of marketing automation. We are delighted to power Clovia on their growth journey and learn from their notable wins to help create a better platform for consumer brands out there.”