Happenstance – The National Brand that Launched Comfortable Everyday Shoes and Sandals is on Par with Global Biggies

Following Prime Minister’s call for ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat‘ during the early weeks of the lockdown in the country due to the COVID-19 outbreak, which urged the country to be #VocalAboutLocal to make India more self-reliant, consumers have turned to local brands. This creates an opportunity for several ‘Indian‘ brands to come and showcase their dominance. We spend the money in our country, its tax goes to our government, that capital is further invested in our country and employment is generated for our people. The entire world looks at India as a major market. It’s time we too take note of that. But in these times of crisis, building a global brand is something next to impossible. Without any sentiments for a ‘local brand‘, Happenstance is empowering the Nation and is ticking all the boxes of an Indian consumer who prefers International branding, features and technologies in their footwear.

Happenstance Ropes in Sushmita Sen, Rajkummar Rao and Radhika Apte as their Brand Ambassadors

The aim of the brand is to bridge the gap between Indian footwear and International technologies and bring out a range of styles that would prioritize comfort over everything else. Happenstance plays perfect foil for a market that is used to good quality imported stuff by paying through the nose. What the brand has done is make use of the same good technology and materials to churn out shoes that have been assembled and produced in India, thereby making the products easier on the pockets. The technology involves the production of double-layered soles which provide heightened levels of bounce and shock absorption. As consumers, this alone is enough for the general public to try out the brand once. And this is what the brand is probably banking on.

Happenstance Womens I Comfort Finds You I Sushmita Sen I Review

Happenstance.com is celebrated for being pro-user friendly in its design language. Happenstance webstore offers comfy double-sole sandals for Men and Women, while Lola Women’s walking shoe featured in 40+ rarest colourways has turned out to be the Brand’s signature style. The most premium category of Happenstance is said to be Cumulus – premium leather hand crafted ballet flats. The craftsmanship of the Cumulus soles is a thing of beauty. All Happenstance styles are flexible, durable, foam-cushioned, and foldable so that comfy shoes are always within your arms reach. The detailed size guide featured in the Know Your True Fit page helps you choose the right size, making footwear shopping a breeze. While the precision of making, the science-backed comfort, and the materials used to make these shoes are of the highest standards and quality.

What gives Happenstance brand an edge over others is the unbelievable pricing. Most Happenstance styles range between an affordable Rs. 1350 to Rs 1799. And that’s small investment for comfortable, happy feet. Add to that the superior looks, not to mention the durability and longevity of the footwear, and each buy is totally worth it. The Brand expertly adopts social media to consistently share relevant, exciting content, making sure it maintains a strong presence on all platforms where its target buyers invest their time and attention. Its online newsletter and digital newsroom also offer direct communications that work to maintain relationships with loyal buyers and contribute to valuable consumer retention.

The fantastic trio for a long term association promotes Happenstance Lifestyle collection in Indian market. The launch campaigns individually featuring the ambassadors got overwhelming response among the audience and took social media by storm.

Former Miss Universe and B-Town fashionista Sushmita Sen took to her Instagram page to introduce the new perks of comfort with Happenstance. The fashion idol of millions quoted on how she can’t help falling in love with the comfy pair of Happenstance sandals. Here’s a sneak peek to the Sushmita Sen Ft. of Happenstance.

Commenting on the brand association, Sushmita Sen said, “My love for comfortable, stylish footwear is unceasing, and Happenstance live up to my expectations with their super-comfy technology soles and alluring grace. Being the face of the brand has absolutely been an exciting journey as the brand is synonymous with comfort which is a big part of why I love Happenstance so much.”

The press statement of Radhika Apte says, Sometimes we mistake an old habit for comfort. Real comfort is what we need to bring out our best. And in order to do that, sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zones. Happenstance believes in helping people maintain a firm, comfortable foothold and then giving them the gentle nudge that they need, in order to step out of their comfort zones. Comfort lies in the tiny details. But it makes a world of difference in the way we approach and deal with life.”

The heartthrob of B-Town and very talented Rajkummar Rao surprised his followers with his classy charisma in the Happenstance launch commercial. Rajkummar Rao being part of Happenstance family said, “Happenstance has an Iconic Idea on comfort. The styles are meticulously crafted to perfection and carefully conceptualized. I was delighted when Happenstance approached me to endorse the men shoes and sandals collection. It’s amazing to see the fashion-forward comfort avatar of the brand and I am excited about creating something more special together.”

Happenstance is betting big on the Indian footwear industry with dominance both in online and offline. The brand is said to be in making big investments and opportunities in the country to maintain its top league position. Start the experience at happenstance.com.

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