Rajasthan’s Health Infrastructure Gets a New Boost with the Installation of Oxygen Plants Across the State

Rajasthan's Health Infrastructure Gets a New Boost with the Installation of Oxygen Plants Across the State

With COVID-19 cases slowly decreasing in Rajasthan and with much speculation about the third wave and other variants coming forth, Ajmer city has been amplifying its medical infrastructure and is vouching on implementing robust healthcare amenities to resist any outbreak of deadly diseases in the near future. Earlier this year, the lack of adequate health care facilities took a toll on the lives of the residents of the city.

Oxygen Plant in Ajmer City

Since the Delta variant is more sensitive, there is a possibility of an extreme outspread. In order to cater to the same, there will be a need to well equip Rajasthan hospitals with proper Oxygen concentrators so that the state Government can be well prepared.

In order to avoid any catastrophe, the Rajasthan Government has initiated building up of well-planned and robust healthcare infrastructure to stabilize the concurrent cases and provide well equipped medical facilities to maintain a healthy and COVID free environment for its patients. In a bid to take the unforeseen situations onto its stride, the Government has not left any stones unturned to associate with companies that are keen on investing in India, for better healthcare services.

The Government has been setting up the Oxygen Plants across the state, and is committed to incorporating healthcare amenities in the Government hospitals. This initiative will help the state and its cities to be prepared for any impact of the current Delta Plus virus, which is considered to be contagious and deadly for both adults and kids.

Keeping the promise of creating a robust healthcare network in the state, the Government officials in alliance with the SRAM & MRAM Group along with ATD Group has been actively installing state-of-art technology “MISHA” Oxygen Plants in multiple cities of Rajasthan including Ajmer city as well. With the incorporation in the city, the Oxygen Plant will be aiding the Janana Hospital of Ajmer for the uninterrupted oxygen requirements.

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