Beevi’s Thalassery Biryani Masala – The Most Celebrated Dish from the Epic Malabar Cuisine

Beevi's Thalassery Biryani Masala - The Most Celebrated Dish from the Epic Malabar Cuisine

Empty your mind, Fill your belly!‘ – Beevi’s always gives a call for action to explore the authentic Malabar cuisine. Channeling the products through its exclusive website, this brand from Kerala is creating a unique space among Biryani lovers across the country. Indias love affair with biryani goes back centuries in time. Who can resist a plate of juicy and succulent meat teamed with rice, bursting with aromatic spices The countrys love for biryani is evident in the number of biryanis that are available throughout. It is one of the few dishes that has a separate fan base, imbibed local flavours and became a mainstay everywhere it went. Homage to the Arabic influence and refined culinary skills of Malabar, Beevi’s Instant Thalassery Biryani masala ensures the right flavor to the gravy of your biryani and lets you prepare a delicious meal at home.

Beevi’s Dum Biriyani

The brand is throwing a question as what good is a masala range that cannot recreate the magic of Malabar. Beevi’s bring you Malabar on a platter, with simple instructions, so that you don’t feel left out. Whether you are home or entertaining guests or whether you want to show-off to others or just want to savour the flavours of home away from home, the brand is here with the quintessential Malabar. Presenting, simple, straightforward Thalassery chicken biriyani, the brand offers easy cook Instant masala mix with a 3 step preparation – a perfect serve for 3 or 4 people under 20 mins of cooking.

The widely popular ‘Dum‘ preparation is a laborious balancing act of spices, time and temperature. Rice and meat – the former, delicately marinated and the latter, robustly flavoured – are cooked separately and then together, slowly on a low flame. With an ideal mix, the Beevi’s ingredients smell, taste and behave the way they do, and one can coax the flavours and textures they want out of them. Blended with the perfect combination of onions, green chilli, cashew nuts, garlic, ginger, pepper, garam masala and Malabar spices, Beevi’s creates the perfect algorithm for your Biryani Masala. Just add 50g of Beevi’s Biryani Masala to 500g Chicken and cook with sauted tomatoes and onions. It’s that simple! And together with the most treasured and finest grain for Thalassery Biryani in its truest form, the Jeerakasala rice as it enriches the features of rice by reducing the moisture content and increasing aroma. The flavourful, versatile and perfectly textured aromatic grains of Beevi’s Biryani keep alive the Malabar tradition of serving true flavors. The brand features these Malabar specials and an exclusive range of Instant Masala’s and non-veg pickles at their official website

In a press statement, the Management of Mosons Edibles (Parent Company of Beevi’s Foods) said, Being able to cook well is a rare gift – the elusive magic of those gifted hands. We are not here to challenge such gifted hands. We are just here to cheer for those who need some support managing their kitchens and their families without letting themselves down. Because in today’s world, though we have learnt to cope with stress, we still cannot cope with bad flavours and aftertastes. Time is of the essence for everything we do, and that exactly is what we sorely lack. When it comes to cooking, the most time-consuming part is planning the dish, putting the ingredients together and getting the right blend of spices. This is where Beevi’s comes to the rescue, with a delicious variety of dishes to choose from. All you need to do is follow the two-three instructions step-by-step and your dish is ready.

With all these passionate efforts coupled with great marketing strategies, Beevi’s Foods is all set to clock greater heights to become the Indian brand bearing splendid testimony to the Malabar culinary.

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