VIROBIND Novel Brands that Block & Deactivate Viruses, Modulates Gut Microbiota, Enhancing Immunomodulation

The ongoing pandemic is based on an airborne disease that attacks the respiratory system, causing inflammation in the nose, throat, sinuses, and lungs. The dual strategy is to block the microbial passage from the oral cavity, deactivate it and additionally modulate the gut microbiota to enhance immunity.

VIROBIND Mouth Spray

Alniche has launched a novel product range – VIROBIND mouth spray, and VIROBIND AB capsules to address both strategies to handle microbial infections.

VIROBIND is a mouth spray that forms a barrier in the oral cavity against the accumulation of pathogens. The barrier solution is mainly composed of Trypsin and Glycerol. The enzyme Trypsin has significant effects on symptoms of sore throat, nose congestion, common cold, and other microbial infections. VIROBIND mouth spray is a scientifically tested enzyme-based formulation that kills 99.99% of germs. The spray can be used in the early stages of infection to recover and relieve sore throat, cough, rhinorrhoea, and other common cold symptoms.

VIROBIND AB capsules

VIROBIND AB (Veg. Capsule) is a probiotic formulation for the treatment of respiratory infections. The capsules are mainly composed of Lactobacillus Plantarum two billion CFU that improves immune response (anti-viral effect/stimulation of Immunoglobulin production) and enhances the intestinal barrier function. All the probiotics in VIROBIND AB capsule are patented strains of AB-Biotica, Spain. Consumption of one capsule daily will help in the formation of beneficial bacteria (i.e., probiotics) that helps to bolster or recover effective immune function in the GI tract and also indirectly in the lung.

Commenting on the significance of ViroBind Range launch, Mr. Girish Arora, Founder and Managing Director of Alniche Lifesciences shares, “We as a specialty pharma company always focus on identifying, developing, and supplying a quality range of critical care medicines throughout the country in the shortest possible time to mitigate the suffering of patients. We provide complete therapy for COVID-19 patients with a product range that consists of supportive and immunity booster medicines. VIROBIND range is an addition to our portfolio.”

VIROBIND Mouth Spray is conceptualized, formulated, and manufactured in state-of-the-art manufacturing plant Effikasia Lifesciences (a group company of Alniche). There are various novel products in the pipeline, that would be launched soon in various therapy areas. Effikasia is in active discussion with global companies for manufacturing global brands in India for India and emerging markets.

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Alniche Life Sciences is one of Indias fastest growing Pharma Companies based in New Delhi, serves patients and the medical fraternity by offering specialized, high-quality, effective, affordable medicines and wellness products. Alniche has carved a firm position for itself in the Indian Pharma market through a focused approach for key brands and deep engagement with doctors. Their 700 sales team members are covering 70,000 doctors and 30,000 hospitals with a strong portfolio of both domestic & licensed brands from global partners, in the areas of Nephrology, Critical care, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, and Neurology. Alniche is ranked one among the top 60 companies in the Indian Pharma Market and one of the top companies three in Renal care and top 10 in the Critical care therapy segment. Alniche has partnered with global pharma organizations to bring novel global brands in India including Alliance (UK), FzioMed (USA), Adhezion Biomedical Inc. (USA), Mastix (USA), Biovite (Australia), PT Dermozone Pratama (Indonesia), J W Life Science (Korea), Dongkook (Korea), SK Plasma (Korea) and Mellow Hope (China).

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