Kekri City of Rajasthan is Ready with Upgraded Healthcare System

The easing of COVID-19 restrictions has led to overcrowding at marketplaces and holiday destinations. Witnessing such behavior, the authorities have signaled that the next 100 days would be highly critical for the healthcare infrastructure for Indias fight against the deadly virus. To sum up, health experts have warned for a third wave in the absence of COVID guidelines.

Oxygen Plant – Kekri

Presumably, a third wave is expected anywhere between August and October, according to various resources. And in order to combat, the same, the Rajasthan Government has been aggressively working towards building a strong health infrastructure to stabilize the concurrent cases. In the latest development, the Rajasthan government has taken a bold step to set up an oxygen plant in Kekri city to support people combat the pandemic.

Kekri city of Ajmer district is one of the 200 Legislative Assembly constituencies of Rajasthan which witnessed a lot of fiasco during the second wave of COVID-19. Lots of lives got lost due to the inadequate health care system in the city. Setting up a new oxygen plant will help the native of Kekri city to have a ready system for any further health concerns. The government officials are aggressively striding and leaving no stone unturned to build a robust and secured system in Kekri.

The state government is also collaborating with international and national companies to invest in Rajasthan for building a secured healthcare system in the entire state.

Commenting on the new installation of Oxygen Plant, Hemlata Arumugam from SRAM & MRAM Group quoted, “This COVID-19 has made us realize that the country needs a lot of backup for healthcare segment. We need to build a secured system so that we are ready to fight any crisis in the near future. Keeping this in mind, we have set up our new oxygen plant in Kekri city to provide best-in-class support for all the common men, women and children of the city. Our initiative will help in saving human lives from any disaster with the robust upgradation of the existing healthcare system in the city as well as in various districts of the state.”

It’s been a month since the Government of Rajasthan has been setting up Oxygen Plants across the state, and is committed to incorporating healthcare amenities in the Government hospitals. The initiative will help the cities of Rajasthan to be equipped with upgraded amenities, and be prepared for facing any upcoming or existing viruses or diseases like Delta Plus, COVID, which are transmittable and lethal for adults and children, both.

On the announcement, Shailesh Anandani from ATD Group said, “India has been in a need of a secured and healthy ecosystem. By working on setting up a number of oxygen plants in the state, Rajasthan will be ready to face any challenge in the coming time. We are working closely to make a robust healthcare system in Kekri city.”

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