Leading Fit-tech Platform OneFitPlus Launches FitBoard

Leading Fit-tech Platform OneFitPlus Launches FitBoard

OneFitPlus, India’s leading Fit-tech Company that brings home, the complete ecosystem using best in class equipment, scientific training & nutrition methods, and smart technology, has announced the launch of FitBoard.

FitBoard is the ultimate multi-user real time ranking feature that encourages users to connect with each other and gives them the experience of a Grand Prix with real time data and rankings. The users can also engage with each other through standardized messages and emoticons. The users can see Names, age category, distance and speed along with the location. FitBoard helps bring users together on the same platform by adding competitiveness and fun to their fitness regime. OneFitPlus offers smart treadmills and spin bikes that can seamlessly connect with the OneFitPlus app to get smart, engaging, and active fitness.

Customers across India who have Fitkit or RPM Fitness Treadmill or Spin Bike can use their phones or their tablets and join the instructor-led classes for Free. They also offer free pan India after sales, free diet consultation and free doctor consultation to their customers. OneFitPlus makes fitness entertaining, approachable, effective, and convenient, while fostering social connections that encourage members to be the best versions of themselves.

OneFitPlus leverages its mobile application that is available on Apple and Google Play stores and is rated above 4.8 stars by more than 3,000 users with over 60 thousand downloads.

Speaking about the launch of FitBoard, Mohit Mathur, Founder & CEO of OneFitPlus, said, “We all know regular exercising can make us healthier, improve our heart, and help reduce weight. Our goal is to develop engaging products and make Fitness Fun. We want people to get on our treadmills or indoor bikes, and forget the “Effort” that goes into “Exercising” and enjoy the exercise like their favorite childhood sport.

Customers from Kashmir to Kerala and Gujarat to Assam can now compete on OneFitPlus Live We want to make OneFitPlus engaging and addictive so that users along with their friends and family can join and “Have Fun and Exercise” together as a group. We dont want our users to worry about the weather to take your morning or evening walk.”

“We continue to invest in improving customer experience. Our major investments are in technology and fitness services so that we can make OneFitPlus better. It is the game-changer in the Fitness segment, and our goal is to make it fun, engaging, and interactive. We want to build a community that adopts it as a lifestyle choice and engages while having fun with fitness,Mathur added.

OneFitPlus is the largest interactive fitness platform in India, with a community of thousands of members. OneFitPlus pioneered connected, technology-enabled fitness and the streaming of immersive, instructor-led boutique classes in January this year. This is their full version launch with multiple users able to compete and engage with each other through the leaderboard. The leaderboard displays users real time exercise statistics and user profiles creating a community environment where members can compete with and motivate each other.

Website: www.onefitplus.com.

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