Mystique Earth is Unveiling the Deep-rooted Mysteries of Central India through its Tribal Alchemy Inspired Brand Film

Mystique Earth is Unveiling the Deep-rooted Mysteries of Central India through its Tribal Alchemy Inspired Brand Film

Bespoke homegrown skincare brand Mystique Earth has launched its Brand Film inspired by the arts, allure, culture, and Tribal Alchemy of Central India. It focuses on the holistic approach to skincare to bridge the gap between secret traditional beauty rituals and science-backed skincare products. Mystique Earth helps the solace and treasure of nature come alive by making scientifically better, mother-nature-approved products. The brand hunts down the most effective and exciting natural ingredients from the treasure trove of Central India famous in local tribes and curates clean formulas for skin and hair.

Mystique Earth Facial Cleanser and Body Lotion

The Brand Film takes you through the wilderness and secret traditions of Central India and connects to win the heart of the people. Deeply rooted in the brands ethos and taking inspiration from the essence of Mystique Earth, the brand film takes you on a never seen journey of finding what is hidden within. The film aims at touching every element, every story, every ingredient that makes the brand and presents it to the audience in a mysterious way and will discover a specific component leading to a final reveal of the products.

Mystique Earth – A journey into the heart of India

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With one foot in the unlimited potential of nature and the other amidst modern desire for self-care, the film reconnects the viewer with Earth by taking them through uncharted terrains, mystical forests, exotic monuments, rich tribal villages, serene rivers, and expansive farms. It is a visual narrative dipped in the hues of mother nature with a sense of nostalgia and celebration of soil that is the “Janambhoomi” of the brand and also an ode to the forgotten traditions and rituals of Central India.

The prominent vision of the film is to introduce to the audience and its prospective consumer base the landscape of the birthplace of the brand in an attractive yet relatable way so that every viewer feels at home seeing the film and feels connected to it. Taking its audience back in times of simplistic and straightforward living, this brand film is everything that Mystique Earth stands for.

“There’s nothing quite as heartwarming as finding a skincare product that you cherish as your skin begins looking plumper, clearer, and all-around more vibrant, from inside, out! The brand aims to deliver a culture as well as an ecstatic experience of your unique ethereal Beauty and Being,” says Gaurav Tiwari Co-founder of Mystique Earth.

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