TiE Mumbai Organizes Startup Interface Series – Reimagining Healthcare in Partnership with NATHEALTH

TiE Mumbai Organizes Startup Interface Series - Reimagining Healthcare in Partnership with NATHEALTH

With an aim to strengthen co-innovation and accelerate the growth of the Indian healthcare sector, NATHEALTH – Healthcare Federation of India in partnership with TiE Mumbai and IQVIA as knowledge partners launched its initiative #ReimaginingHealthcare: Industry-Startup Interface Series on August 6, 2021.

Amit Mookim, President – TiE Mumbai and Dr. Harsh Mahajan, President – NATHEALTH

The Healthcare Sector is witnessing a slew of investments creating potential opportunities. To overcome India’s multitude of healthcare challenges, augmenting health infrastructure and digital health are the prime focus areas. Forums like TiE and NATHEALTH will play a key role in bringing all the stakeholders together,” said Amit Mookim, President, TiE Mumbai.

He further added, “The upsurge of digital adoption by providers and the ability to improve the access driven by technology and important parameters. Many healthcare unicorns are born out of India, which is very encouraging for the Startup sector. This has the means to catapult the Healthcare Industry forward. The National Digital Health Mission will revolutionize and build maturity in the Indian Healthcare landscape. There will also be a big push towards a seamless data exchange which is so important to drive the Healthcare across the segment and create continuous pathways with is missing today.”

The initiative will serve as an effective and credible interface that facilitates meaningful partnerships between the healthcare industry and the startup community. This Industry-Startup Interface Series brought together top industry leaders who shared their open innovation needs and startup leaders who shared best practices to foster co-innovation for an insightful conversation,” said Harsh Mahajan, President at NATHEALTH & Founder and Chief Radiologist at Mahajan Imaging.

While TiE Mumbai empowers the start-ups’ with knowledge and expertise to adapt the post-COVID era, NATHEALTH builds collaborative partnerships with stake holders to explore ways to increase access and efficiency of healthcare delivery. TiE Mumbai and NATHEALTH can jointly create a forum that leverages their respective strengths and helps overcome the barriers to successful collaboration between Industry and Start-ups.

Various topics discussed in this session were, large scale and global investment in healthcare digitization, challenges the industry is looking to address through collaboration with Start-ups, benefits start-ups expect to gain from engaging with the industry, how the industry members want to work with the startups and the best practices for successful engagement between startups and corporates.

Other events planned for the month are:

  • Masterclass on Venture and Angel Investing with Sanjay Mehta, technology evangelist and an entrepreneur turned VC
  • Founders – Startup 2 IPO Session on Club House with Prashant Maniar, Charter Member TiE Mumbai and Founder & Managing Partner – Encito Advisors.
  • How to be IPO ready from Day one by Srishti Ojha – Founder, Verist Law
  • Mentoring Clinic with MyCFO by Venkat S, Director, MyCFO India
  • TiE Women Local Competition
  • Digital Marketing best practices for Customer acquisition, engagement & retention
  • Business Guidance Camp
  • How to pitch in front of Investors by VC Karthik

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