Ausum Launches Super Lattes – a Plant-based, Dairy Free Beverage for Zen-Like Energy

Ausum Launches Super Lattes - a Plant-based, Dairy Free Beverage for Zen-Like Energy

Known for its wide range of plant-based, herbal blends to tackle various lifestyle issues, Bengaluru based ‘Ausum‘ has launched a new line of instant, plant-based, dairy-free Super Lattes. Made with 100% natural ingredients and supercharged with Reishi mushroom and Ashwagandha for stress and immunity support, Ausum’s Super Latte includes two flavours – the not-so-sweet Chocolatte and Spiced Turmeric.

Ausum launches instant Super Lattes in Chocolatte and Spiced Turmeric flavours

Ausum is a health beverage brand offering a range of plant-based, cruelty-free blends with real, ethically sourced ingredients for everyday wellness.

“Leading a plant-based lifestyle is usually perceived as restrictive, overwhelming and unfulfilling and that is something we want to tackle by creating awareness, accessibility and responsibility towards the planet with our products. Humans have coexisted with plants for thousands of years and plants are the best sources of nutrition. By introducing dairy-free, plant-based and quick DIY lattes, Ausum aims to make a part of a plant-based diet convenient and accessible for all. The lattes also come in biodegradable packaging as sustainability is a core value at Ausum and we ensure it at every step of the way from sourcing to packaging,” says Mayura Rao, CEO and Founder- Ausum.

Chocolatte comes with the not-so-sweet taste of pure, unprocessed Indian cacao beans, plant-based milk powder and ancient Indian spices for immunity boost. Spiced Turmeric Latte is your golden elixir haldi milk with the superpowers of plant-based ingredients to heal you from within. Reishi Mushroom and ashwagandha for stress support, cacao for mood improvement, turmeric to build you from within and Indian spices with healing properties. These new lattes are available on the brand’s website

When hunger pangs hit you between meals or before bed, or you find yourself slumped at 3 pm, a Super Latte will come to your aid. There are no caffeine-crashes, no jitters, no side effects. We have kept it to a minimal 100 calories a cup and ensured that the concoction is 100% natural. It is a complete beverage in a sachet where you just add water and consume,” says Mayura Rao.

Ausum started when its Founder, Mayura Rao, after spending a decade overseas, returned to India and faced tons of metabolic challenges. What started as an experiment in the small kitchen of her apartment to solve her health issues naturally, has now taken the shape of a brand that’s all things health and well-being. Ausum’s mission is to help consumers become their most awesome selves by preserving health, improving longevity and ultimately, living happy lives.

With non-plastic cornstarch tea bags and biodegradable packaging, Ausum is committed to making health and the environment better with each sip. Clinically proven Super Teas co-created with doctors and unconventional concoctions with great taste, each Ausum product is handcrafted by enterprising women who are upskilling themselves for a better livelihood. Ausum is 95% female-owned and led.

Ausum is now building a deeper portfolio of clinically validated, tasty, plant-based products to tackle nagging lifestyle issues by stacking on existing habits. The D2C brand is growing steadily with wider acceptance of consumers to non-caffeinated beverages and herbal remedies to meet their wellness goals.

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