Billroth Hospital Spreads Awareness on Organ Donation to Save Lives

Billroth Hospital Spreads Awareness on Organ Donation to Save Lives

Organ Donation Day is celebrated every year on August 13th, across the world. This Day offers Billroth Hospitals, an opportunity to raise awareness about the necessity of organ donation among the public. To commemorate this day, Billroth Hospitals conducted an awareness camp within its premises on 13th August 2021. Nearly 1000+ staff, patients and families participated in this event and pledged to offer their support towards organ donation.

Dr. Rajesh Jeganathan, CMD & Dr. Kalpana Rajesh, CEO of Billroth Hospitals are launching the organ donation campaign at the Hospital premises

Organ Donation profits not just the recipients of organ donation but also their families and their quality of life. Organ donation continues to be something that needs to be talked about considering the existing demand for various organs among patients.

The registry for organ donation shows alarming data, reflecting 1 Lakh registered patients waiting for organ donation. Every 13 minutes, a new patient in dire need is added to the waiting list, which makes us understand there is a huge gap between the demand and availability. Almost 15 patients die each day due to the shortage of organ availability. Though Tamil Nadu happens to be the #1 state with most registered donors, the shortage for organ donation still exists. For any medical emergencies, call the helpline @ +91 80560 06231.

According to Government norms, Billroth Hospitals proposes anyone above the age of 18 years voluntarily donate organs or tissue to save patients in need. The Managing Director of Billroth Group of Hospitals, Dr. Rajesh Jeganathan said that, “The act of organ donation is indeed noble and it gives everyone a chance to be a real-life hero that can save a life.”

Yes, a volunteer who registers to donate his or her organ also commits for a wise gesture to pass on their legacy to help others even after their demise. The CEO of Billroth Group of Hospitals, Dr. Kalpana Rajesh insisted that, “Billroth Hospitals as a pioneer in healthcare for over 3 decades in Chennai, will always promote activities like these to save lives, conduct awareness campaigns to the public on burning health issues and also offer affordable and the best treatment and transplant services to people of all walks of life.”

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