BioPlus is Revolutionizing the Water Industry with Innovative Antioxidant Alkaline Mineralised Water Products

BioPlus is Revolutionizing the Water Industry with Innovative Antioxidant Alkaline Mineralised Water Products

BioPlus, a decade old Ahmedabad based company is making strides in the healthy water industry with its inventive and ingenious products. With a vision to create highly beneficial water products while keeping the budget of the customers in mind, BioPlus has made its name in the industry as a reliable alkaline products brand in India. The company supplies more than 35+ Antioxidant, Hydrogen-rich, Alkaline, Antibacterial, Mineralising Water products. Antioxidant water is well known for its positive and long lasting effects on the human body. It has been known to be helpful in a range of diseases such as acidity, diabetes, high BP, etc. In today’s time, health is in the prime focus and BioPlus is devoted completely to that.

Bhupesh Patel and Snehal Kotadia, Directors of BioPlus

BioPlus is one of the pioneers in India which introduced healthy alkaline water. Since its foundation, BioPlus has been promoting good health among its customers. Keeping honesty, integrity and commitment at its core, BioPlus has succeeded in its mission to put across a message to stay healthy through drinking healthy water. From the very early days, the company understood the need for practical solutions that would help people stay healthy in an extremely erratic and unpleasant lifestyle. People needed a change and they needed it quickly. BioPlus committed to deliver products that ensure quality water matching up to international standards.

Snehal Kotadia, Director Sales of BioPlus shared his views on the link between health and water saying, “In India, there is a lack of awareness when it comes to water. People rely heavily on RO water and think if they install it in their homes, the job is done. They are not prompted to go beyond water filters. There is just so much that goes into making drinking water healthy. It is the key to your good health. We not only want everyone to adopt a healthier lifestyle with healthy water but also want them to understand how important water is in their lives. Mineralised Antioxidant Alkaline water is definitely the way forward for all of us. We want to start a dialogue and hope that in the near future people start making the right decisions for their health.”

Bhupesh Patel, Director of BioPlus (connected with the Pharma industry since 1993) added to this saying, “We have seen firsthand the horrible acceptable standard of drinking water in Indian households. We couldn’t stand by and see people take their health for granted. The lifestyle that we have all fallen into will take time to change. But we can start by taking the first step by changing our drinking water to a better and healthier one. Alkaline water has proven to be a superior option for everyone. It is hydrogen rich which is helpful in maintaining a robust health with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has all the essential minerals which a human body needs. We hope to get the message out to everyone so they can start making changes in their lifestyle little by little starting with having alkaline water on a regular basis.”

BioPlus believes in providing the healthiest options for people in the fast paced world that we live in right now. It has products that serve every strata of our society be it stay at home mom or hustling fathers. The products are suited for the needs and the pockets of the person. It is imperative that we stop ignoring our health and start taking steps in the right direction. It might seem a huge change because it is. But when you have brands like BioPlus being with you every step of the way, it might not be that difficult.