On the 75th Independence Day, Brand Happenstance Celebrates its Atmanirbhar Bharat Journey

On the 75th Independence Day, Brand Happenstance Celebrates its Atmanirbhar Bharat Journey

Hon’ble Prime Minister, in the call for ‘Aatamanibir Bharat’, has put forward the movement of #VocalForLocal in the light of supporting to buy local Indian products and Indian businesses. During the time of COVID, India has seen a remarkable increase in the local business and products usage. The time of pandemic has taught us it is the best time to voice as well as promote “Make in India“. In a regular lifestyle scenario we always look for foreign brands which promise to have good quality material as well as advanced technology. But situations are changing when Indian Brands have made India more autonomous and in turn consumers have focused on Make in India products. Consequently, it creates an opening to many Indian brands to showcase their supremacy. But building a Global level brand within the Country in these times of crisis is something next to impossible. And that’s where Happenstance, a proud Indian Brand and producers of the Most Comfortable Shoes and Sandals, creating sensational achievement in Indian Footwear Industry.

Happenstance – Large Scale Manufacturing Units Across India

Happenstance.com, being an Indian brand, has clearly contributed a huge impact to the Indian economy by investing in our country and thus, creating more job opportunities within the country. The brand Happenstance never ceases to amaze us with their remarkable quality and advanced technology. Happenstance.com, during the pandemic period market crisis, has established a revolution in the Indian Footwear market, in turn growing to a global level brand.

The exclusive website, Happenstance.com, is a wide studio for their online shopping as well as a complete forum for their blogs and informative in terms of its Science and Biomechanics attributes. The brand has enabled the Nation and the Indian consumer who fancies international branding, features and qualities in their footwear. With the international technology and the perfection in making, Happenstance is building as a National Brand competing with international brands like Skechers, Crocs, Birkenstock, Aldo etc. The chief objective of brand Happenstance was merging the gap between the Indian footwear and international technologies. Brand’s desire and years of research on various International and domestic footwear brands led to their unique and novel engineered styles which produce premier walking experience. The brand Happenstance used the same reliable material as well as the high-quality technology to blend out the shoes and sandals that had been assembled and produced in India, making them easier to buy. Even with the unconventional technology such as the unique Buoyance footbeds and Fluffium outer sole that is soft enough to absorb the shock and firm enough to spring back with each step, Happenstance comes in an affordable price range, starting Rs. 1399 to Rs. 1799. Another advantage of the brand is they come in a wide range of shoe sizes. Happenstance has been able to bring about unique styling to their shoes and sandals, making them comfortable yet classy.

The brand Happenstance has also become an aid to create employment to the locals. Within the two years to their success, Happenstance has been able to provide employment for hundreds of employees in different sectors. Within two years of launch, brand Happenstance has their retail presence all over Kerala, major districts of Tamil Nadu and the metropolitan city like Mumbai, Maharashtra. They also made sure that their products are available in all the major shopping malls of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. In addition to this, the brand has also opened three exclusive showrooms in Ahmedabad.

The major impact of Happenstance on digital platforms was their brand faces. The super-trios of Bollywood, Sushmita Sen, Radhika Apte and Rajkumar Rao have teamed up with the brand with a long-term association. Each of them voting for Happenstance.com as a brand that provides comfort as well as the style, has been a revolutionary statement in the footwear industry.

Happenstance.com with their phenomenal website, International styling and novel technology in pocket friendly price has become a prominent benchmark in Indian footwear industry. In these two years of their success, Happenstance has proved to be the best in the footwear industry with their exclusive online website, selling more than any others. With the finest quality of infrastructure, technology and rapid growth in Indian households, Happenstance is an evidence of being a paramount in the Indian market in coming years. Happenstance is truly empowering India.

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