Pune-based Jehangir Hospital Felicitated with World Stroke Organisation Award

Pune-based Jehangir Hospital Felicitated with World Stroke Organisation Award

Jehangir Hospital has been awarded the Platinum Status for excellence in stroke care for Quarter 4, 2020 and Quarter 1, 2021 in succession and is now among 7 hospitals in India who received the Platinum award for two consecutive quarters, and has now become one of the top ten hospitals for Excellence in Stroke Care in India.

L to R: Dr. Vikash Ojha Radiologist, Dr. Soumya Chadrasekar Consultant Accident & Emergency, Dr. Anand Alurkar Interventional Radiologist, Dr. Devarathi Khurjekar Radiologist, Dr. Prashant Kandelwal Neurosurgeon, Dr. Nilesh Bhandari Neurologist, Dr. Sundeep Borse Neurologist

Mr. Vinod Sawantwadkar, CEO, Jehangir Hospital attributed this success to the team of Emergency Physicians, Neurosurgeons, Interventional Neurologists, Intensivists, Radiology team (Neurology resident doctors), Nurses, Paramedics and Ambulance services.

In addition to the Award, participating professionals and Institutions in the Angels community will be supported to convene and connect, to identify good practices and to share learning that will help them implement and accelerate improvements for patients.

This Award from the World Stroke Organisation (WSO) act as a platform to acknowledge excellent stroke care and honour the teams and organizations that go above and beyond in the care for their patients.

Institutions are felicitated the Platinum Status on the basis of criteria like, Door to Needle time, Door to groin time, Recanalization procedure rate out of total stroke incidence in the hospital, CT/MRI imaging procedures, Patients undergoing Dysphagia screen, Ischemic stroke patients discharged with antiplatelets, and Atrial fibrillation related stroke patients discharged with anticoagulants.

“The CODE stroke programme at the hospital was introduced by Late Dr. Fiyaz Pasha way back in 2015. He was the head of Emergency Department at Jehangir Hospital and now the same department has been named after him for his exemplary work in the area. Since then, we have an organised process in place whereby Emergency Physicians coordinate with Neurologist, Radiologists and intensivists to hasten the process of providing quality care to any patient presenting with a stroke to the Emergency Room. This award is a recognition by World Stroke Organisation of the efficient implementation of this process,” commented Dr. Soumya Chandrasekhar – Head of Emergency Department at Jehangir Hospital.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Vinod Sawantwadkar, CEO Jehangir Hospital, added, “Jehangir Hospital’s stroke programme was launched on World Stroke Day on October 29 2011, for rehabilitating stroke patients. Since then the hospitals emergency department has saved many lives. Many patients have gone back walking to their homes from the emergency departments itself. If the patient reaches the hospital within the window period of 180 minutes from onset of the first symptoms, they can be thrombolysed following which, there is a high probability of complete reversal of the deficits suffered. Jehangir Hospital plans to regularly apply for such recognitions as they not only motivate the team but also enable us to set new benchmarks and goals for better success and clinical outcome.”

The hospital also had a small felicitation ceremony to mark the occasion. Doctors felicitated are, Dr. Vikash Ohja – Head of Radiology, Dr. Soumya Chandrasekhar – Head of Accident & Emergency Department, Dr. Kaynoosh Kadapatti – Head of ICU, Dr. Anand Alurkar – Interventional Neurologist, Dr. Devarathi Khurjekar – Radiologist, Dr. Prashant Kandelwal – Nero Surgeon, Dr Nilesh Bhandhari – Neurologist, and Dr. Sundeep Borse – Neurologist.

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