Wiggles.in Expands its Product Portfolio with the Launch of Category Disruptor Products

Wiggles.in Expands its Product Portfolio with the Launch of Category Disruptor Products

India’s leading preventive pet care brand, Wiggles.in, continues to stay focused on introducing products that help improve the quality of life for pets. Having introduced products that are carefully and thoughtfully curated by vets for pets, Wiggles.in today has grown to become a favorite within the pet parent community in India in just two years. Taking yet another step forward, and adding to its growing portfolio, Wiggles.in now launches three new products across India – CannaPaw™, Stripzy™ and Cocotail™ each one with its own unique proposition.

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Wiggles CannaPaw™ is a first-of-its-kind product in India for pets that contains cannabinoids that are proven to assist pets in all forms of pain mainly arthritic, joints and muscular pain. The 100% natural product helps lubricate joints, reduces inflammations, heals skin rashes and maintains quality of skin and coat. Overall, CannaPaw™ aids in a pet’s natural healing process. Wiggles Stripzy™ is based on a revolutionary technology that packages a healthy immunity boosting dose in the form of fast-dissolving strips once they are in a pet’s mouth. Stripzy™ makes way for a hassle-free manner to ensure a healthy digestive system with zero risks. Wiggles Cocotail™ is a health drink that is tasty and yet high in nutrition and superfoods. Cocotail™ is an all-natural product and contains ingredients like Chicken Bone Broth, Coconut Water and Probiotics that help with hydration. CannaPaw™, Stripzy™ and Cocotail™ are ideal for both, cats and dogs.

Speaking on the development, Anushka Iyer, Founder & CEO, Wiggles.in, said, “The Indian pet care ecosystem is filled with grey areas and gaps and at Wiggles we are working towards identifying these gaps and filling them with both products and services that are high in purpose and need. Over the last two years, we have launched products that cater to the unmet needs of pets. Today, these have grown to become favourites within this large community. We are happy with the unexpected and encouraging responses and reactions we receive even today. The launch of CannaPaw™, Stripzy™ and Cocotail™ reinforces our commitment and determination to become a one stop destination for your pet’s needs. We will continue to invest in R&D that will help strengthen our position in the industry as a company driven by innovation while we serve the needs of pets and pet parents in India.

Dr. Dilip Sonune – Director, Veterinary Services at Wiggles.in said, “CannaPaw™, Stripzy™ and Cocotail™ are problem solving products with unique benefits. Each of these products are created after extensive research and development. Regular use of CannaPaw™ helps maintain optimum health, skin, bones and coat. It is an entourage of medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Stripzy™ are India’s first immunity-boosting and probiotic strips that help improve digestion. They are also safe to use during prolonged antibiotic treatment. Finally, Cocotail™ is a delicious health drink that your pet will always long for. Given its taste and aroma, we are sure this will become a hot favorite in a short span of time. It detoxifies the pets liver and kidney, improves gut health, supports digestion and promotes healthy skin. Each of these are filled with benefits and are based upon natural ingredients. We are excited about these new launches and are certain that our pets will greatly benefit from all three products.

Built upon a promise to serve pets of every kind, Wiggles.in is curated by Vets for your pets. Stripzy™ is priced at Rs. 255 for 15 strips, Cocotail™ at Rs. 894 for 6 bottles of 210 ml each and CannaPaw™ at Rs. 2499 for 30 ml. Pet parents can purchase the new products on the Wiggles.in website and on leading e-commerce platforms.

About Wiggles.in

Wiggles.in is one of India’s leading pet care start-ups in the veterinary sector with offerings in the preventive health care space for pets. The company has already made its presence felt in Pune and Mumbai and is trusted for its vet on call and grooming services which makes things hassle-free and convenient for pet parents right from the comfort of their homes. With its unique and affordable product range available Pan-India, it has made pet parents realize the joys of having a pet multifold. It is creating what pet parents need for their pets and add to that innovation and thought. With an impressive portfolio of unique and innovative pet healthcare products and services that are created with a healthier end result for pets, they are passionate and committed to keeping pets healthy and happy across India and ease the journey of pet parents through pethood. They are proud to be pet parents themselves and have created a pet care brand where each product is curated by vets for pets. Winning genuine fandom purely through their dedicated team who never hesitates in going that extra mile for its furry friends, they are growing into one of the most trusted brands in the pet care industry with 25000+ registered pet parents and are totally devoted to enriching the lives of pets all year round. They also have a PetCare Community on Facebook called Wiggles Tribe of 15K+ members where queries put up by pet parents are answered by vets. Wiggles.in is also the proud recipient of the ‘Retail Start-Up of the Year‘ Award by Entrepreneur India 2020.

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