The Smart Plywood Buying Guide: Revolutionizing the Plywood Industry

An Exciting Launch by Pendown which will always be remembered is all set to impact the buying habits of Plywood and change every life and every home for the better.

Akhilesh Chitlangia, Indias leading Plywood Expert & the President of Duroply Industries Limited

This Book will revolutionize the way people buy Plywood. Yes! Thats right; the “Smart Plywood Buying Guide” by leading Plywood Expert “Akhilesh Chitlangia” is the need of the hour.

It is the 1st time that such a Book been conceptualized and written, which enlightens the facts that Plywood is an integral part of everyones lives. Be it peoples homes, offices, or other community buildings; the woodwork is always an integral part of the interiors.

This Book, written with insightful detail and in-depth knowledge by Indias Leading Plywood Expert, is an eye-opener as it educates the reader that one wrong decision about Plywood can lead to a major loss of

  • Money

  • Time

  • Safety

  • Peace of mind

Regrettably, people often choose inferior quality plywood because there is so much to choose from and little to go on.

The Book not only revolutionizes the architecture and interior design world but also guides consumers to buy the right Plywood by giving in depth knowledge and helps them in saving

  • Tons of money

  • Loads of precious time

  • A massive amount of hassle and rework

This amazing Book written by an industry insider and Indias leading Plywood Expert is practically beneficial because this book functions as the readers Personal Plywood Expert guiding them to choose the right Plywood in the face of many confusing options so that they can enjoy their homes, offices and other spaces safely with their loved ones for a longer time.

Pendown Press is committed to help the community by spreading the much needed and essential yet easy-to-use guidelines of this breakthrough Book far and wide to the maximum number of readers possible to have a lasting impact on their lives by helping them get the most out of their investment in Plywood and help them live a safer and happier life with the right Plywood for their interiors.

The author, Akhilesh Chitlangia, Indias leading Plywood expert, is the President of Duroply Industries Limited and a 3rd generation Promoter of Plywood. He holds dual degrees from Boston University, USA – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Economics and has been working in this industry for the past ten years, propagating the wonders of Plywood. He, therefore, knows the ins & outs of Plywood thoroughly.

He has made it his mission to create awareness and educate people on choosing the right Plywood to ensure that every home in India has quality woodwork.

Mr. Dinesh Verma, Founder, Pendown Press, while stressing on the importance and need for this Book, says that “Plywood is as integral a part of our lives as our family because it is a major part of our interiors.” Therefore, the book Smart Plywood Buying Guide will serve as a boon for everyone as it will help them save loads of money and rework and help them ensure the safety of their loved ones by assisting them in choosing the right Plywood.

About Pendown Press

Pendown Press is an independent publishing house functioning under the dynamic leadership of Dinesh Verma, the publisher of this amazing Book mentioned above. Besides being a publisher, he is an eminent author, publishing coach, and social worker of repute.