HEMIND Developed HemOxy12, a Portable Oxygen Concentrator 12 to 16 LPM with 80 percent Indian Origin Material

HEMIND Developed HemOxy12, a Portable Oxygen Concentrator 12 to 16 LPM with 80 percent Indian Origin Material

Hemant Industries, situated at Baroda, Gujarat, and established in 1971, with the brand name HEMIND is an ISO: 9001:2015 company and has been pioneer in new Product & import substitution items development and thus has been fortunate to be conferred with President of India awards like Udyog Patra and Udyog Ratan and a recipient of Gold medal. Hemant Industries is into manufacturing of Flange guards, Air movers (for evacuation of gases from confined space), Safety valves and many such Import substitution items.

HemOxy12, a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

In view of the recent pandemic, need for Oxygen rose and for some period even shortage was witnessed. Lot of imports were made for Oxygen concentrator which to some extent had issues for continuous working in the Indian climate and thus the concentration of purity as well.

Basics: The Oxygen concentrators provide supplementary oxygen for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and, for severe chronic hypoxemia and pulmonary edema. It is a continuous positive airway pressure unit. The patient’s oxygen saturation level becomes a critical parameter in saving the life. Therefore, oxygen concentrators can be the best support system for the patients. It is important to note that for medical usage, doctor’s advice must be followed. The oxygen saturation SpO2 in body are especially important and research shows that approx. 0.8% increase in atmospheric oxygen rejuvenates the body and senses.

Principles of operation: The concentrator draws in room air and passes it through a series of filters that remove dust, bacteria, and other particulates. In the first step of the concentration process, a compressor forces air into one of the two cylinders containing sieve material, where nitrogen is adsorbed, leaving concentrated oxygen and a small percentage of other gases found in room air. Simultaneously, in the other cylinder, nitrogen is desorbed and exhausted into the atmosphere. In the second step, the function of the cylinders is reversed in a timed cycle, providing a continuous flow of oxygen to the patient/end user.

Mr. Hemant Shah, the owner at Hemant Industries said, We have developed HEMIND HemOxy12 – a Portable Oxygen Concentrator, which is with the theme of “Make in India” using almost 80% Indian origin material, “Manufactured by M/s Hemant Industries“, having working range of 12 LPM to 16 LPM : Two channels 6 LPM x 2 channels = 12 LPM with effective uninterrupted pure oxygen flow of 93% (+/- 3%) at 12 LPM, 90%+ purity at 14 LPM, 82%+ at 16 LPM.

This can be used in Hospitals, Home. Also in Offices, SPA, Oxygen bars, Gymnasiums to enhance the quality of air with rich oxygen to accelerate your energy.

Further, every hospital or establishment might not have enough space to install large oxygen plants and considering the extent of usage it might work out to be expensive proposition to have a plant. In such case, a Portable Oxygen Concentrator, is a better alternative – requires very small space about 0.5 m x 0.5 m and is portable so one can move it. Also, we have a split unit design such that the main unit can be placed outside the patient’s room and the Portable Oxygen dispensing unit be placed near to the patient. This is to ensure that there is zero noise in the patient’s room and most importantly the patient gets pure oxygen and at the same time the caretaker in the room does not get exposed to the Nitrogen that is flushing out of the Oxygen generator.

Thus, our product has been designed in-house using about 80% of Indian origin material and to suit the Indian climate and more so ensuring supply of pure Oxygen consistently for an hour and ensuring the safety of all including the caretaker.

For more information, Please visit www.hemind.com.

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