Amid Depleting Groundwater Table, Aquabrim is Promoting Water Security Across Households and Industries

Amid Depleting Groundwater Table, Aquabrim is Promoting Water Security Across Households and Industries

It is a common knowledge, taught to us since school days that water covers 70 percent of our planet, and only three percent out of it is fresh water and two-third of it is stored in glaciers. However, the struggles of over a billion people worldwide for access to clean water is not something that we frequently discuss or talk about. However, it tends to become a hot topic of discussion only when we come across disturbing images floating on the internet. Some recent studies have even suggested that by 2025, over half of the worlds population could be living in areas with severe water scarcity.


Many of us vividly recall the events of 2008 when the city of Barcelona in Spain nearly ran out of water that forced the authorities to import drinking water from France. The news of the Barcelona water crisis came like a jolt for all of us and it was not a sheer coincidence that Aquabrim was established in the same year. At Aquabrim we have always thought of doing something concrete in the context of water conservation as our collective calling.

“The driving vision at Aquabrim has always been the mainstreaming and easy assimilation of water conservation solutions in our country be it residential or commercial.”Praveen Sinha, Founder, Aquabrim.

Today, tanks overflowing for hours and hours is a common sight in many middle-class homes. We dont have accurate data on it as it is difficult to calculate water wastage through the overflowing of roof tanks. It is a serious problem and this basic observation drove the development of one of our first products, the water level controller that was developed to solve water conservation problems at such a basic level.

Water mismanagement is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed before it’s too late. Even in our domestic cities like Gurugram, which is densely populated, depleting underground water levels has been raising serious alarms about the dangers that lie in the future. If the problem of receding ground-level water goes unattended, our cities might have to face the similars of the Cape Town water crises that happened a few years ago.

Inspired by such critical situations, today, one of our products, water level controller have developed to become an ultra-advanced and cutting-edge product that is completely wireless, offers a digital display, is battery powered, and requires minimal maintenance. It starts the motor automatically whenever the water level in the roof tank goes below 50 percent and stops the motor when the tank gets full. While filling the overhead tank, if the water level underground goes below 20 percent, it stops the motor. Subsequently, it will start the motor again if the water level in the underground tank is at least 30%.

A study, published in 2018 at the International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology claimed that at least seven percent of the water supplied to colonies in India is wasted due to overflow of tanks. It also said that we can save 90 billion litres of fresh water every month if we prevent water wastage by overflowing from roof tanks. Now, a product like water level controller becomes crucial in todays world when half of the population of the world is on the brink of facing water scarcity in the very near future. It may sound trivial, but such a small product does have the potential to help mitigate the severe water scarcity that we are collectively staring at.

It is also a matter of collective satisfaction for all of us at Aquabrim that today we have forayed into a far wider area offering several cutting-edge products such as Alkaline Water Ionizer, Automatic System: Ripple (the sensor enables a system that controls the motor drawing water from municipal corporations supply line).

Smart Pumps, and Alarm: EBell (Level Indicator) amongst several other domestic and industrial products as well. Our Ionizer, again stands as a product which, by conserving the essential nutrients of water, has the potential of boosting long term health benefits for the family. Today, Aquabrim has established itself to become one of the top water management equipment firms in India with state-of-the-art tech-enabled solutions.

Water mismanagement is a serious problem that almost all the countries are facing today and at Aquabrim we believe that it is our collective responsibility to save every drop that we all can for this precious resource to stay conserved.

Praveen Sinha is the Co-founder and ex-MD of Jabong, Co-founder of FinTech NBFC PinCap, and is also an active angel investor. He is known for his inclination towards environment conservation and promotion, and for promoting tech-enabled solutions to solve complex environment-related problems.

Founded in 2008, Aquabrim is a Delhi-based one-of-its-kind cleantech and water management firm. You can reach out to or visit for more details.

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