OYO Offers Discount Across Dubai OYO Homes For India-Pakistan Matches

OYO Offers Discount Across Dubai OYO Homes For India-Pakistan Matches
OYO 10480 HOTEL PMR (Bengaluru)

India: OYO has rolled out a 40% discount on select luxurious OYO Homes in Dubai during India-Pakistan matches, and a 25% discount during the entirety of the tournament. The tournament is slated to begin on August 27 and conclude on September 11, with teams like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan participating.

As always, the most highly anticipated clash of the tournament is the India-Pakistan match which will be played on August 28. It has already generated waves among cricket lovers, with the first batch of tickets selling out within a few minutes and the official website crashing due to heavy traffic of more than 7 lakh frenzied fans.

Commenting on this offer, OYO Global Chief Business Officer and CEO – Southeast Asia & Middle East (SEAME), Ankit Tandon said, “In India, the mere mention of the word ‘cricket’ stirs up a deluge of emotions. Cricket is not just a sport in India but a religion that binds people together. India and Pakistan are two cricket-crazy nations and whenever these two teams clash, the emotions and excitement are at the very peak. Offering discounts during the tournament is our humble way of honouring the sport and providing a world-class hospitality experience to all the cricket fans visiting Dubai for the tournament. OYO Homes across Dubai are equipped with all the modern amenities and located within close vicinity of the stadium. We are excited to see how the tournament unfolds and revel in the joy of our customers.”

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