Upcoming Best Food Festivals in India 2022 – 2023

Upcoming Best Food Festivals in India 2022 - 2023
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India, being a land of diversity, has a rich variety of flavors and dishes. What is better than experiencing all the variety under one roof? Well, if you are a foodie, you must head straight to food festivals. Here, you get to gorge on a variety of delectable dishes on a single plate with literally so many things to witness, explore and taste. And not just this, these festivals bring in a unique vibe of enthusiasm, fun, and liveliness!

Treat the foodie in you and discover what these food festivals across the nation have to offer you. We (at Motiverge) have curated a list of food festivals happening all over India that you can attend and relish the frolic and taste that will remain with you forever.

The Grub Fest

The Grub Fest', India's biggest food festival to kick off from Nov 1 - The  Statesman
img source: Instagram/@mymagicpindelhi

One of the largest food events in India, The Grub Fest is a perfect mix of entertainment, food, and fun. You can enjoy this fest if you are in Delhi, Mumbai or Pune. A true feast for food lovers, the fest showcases dishes from popular restaurants and cafes, organic markets, workshops, mini food trucks and music performances. So, if you want to experience a carnival-like fest, The Grub Fest is your place to be! This fest will allow you to binge to your heart’s content, and this gathering is what a foodie’s dreams are made of.

When: February – March

Where: Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Delhi

What Not to Miss: Live Music, Mini Food Trucks, Film Screenings

National Street Food Festival

Why You Must Attend This Upcoming 'National Street Food Festival'
Img source: https://krishijagran.com/news/why-you-must-attend-this-upcoming-national-street-food-festival/

Love for street food among Indians, especially Delhiites is a well-known fact. And what’s better than celebrating this love? To promote street vendors, NASVI has taken up this initiative to host the National Street Food Festival. 

This festival sees lots of food connoisseurs from across Delhi for its famous and pure street food. From famous tangy golgappas to spicy chats to well-known variety of momos, this street food fest brings in all the flavors of Delhi under one roof. Moreover, Delhi Winter and Street Food is a deadly combination and this is the reason why Delhiites cannot wait to attend this fest!

When: December – January

Where: New Delhi

What Not to Miss: Momos, Samosas, Chat, Jalebis, Chole Kulcha

Navi Mumbai Food Truck Fest

Img source: https://www.adotrip.com/public/images/events/large_thumb/5dcd0600dd711-Navi%20Mumbai%20Food%20Truck%20Festival%20Trip.jpg

Yet another food fest, Navi Mumbai Food Truck Fest is not just your ordinary gathering of food trucks! Considered as one of the best, this food fest is a perfect spot for food junkies. The fest brings in a vibe of delectable cuisine along with fun food games. Known as one of the most kid-friendly fest, the fest lets you come with your kids so that you and your kids both have a great time.

When: March

Where: Navi Mumbai

What Not to Miss: Ambience, Kid-Friendly Zone

Bengaluru Food Fete

Img source: http://buisnessnewstrends.blogspot.com/2017/04/bangalore-food-fete-is-back-with-bang.html

This one’s surely a treat for Bengaluru people! Held once in a year, this fete features all the well-known cafes, bars, food trucks, and restaurants in Bengaluru. Here, you could find all the top-rated, Instagram-famous dishes.

Other than excellent food and a friendly ambience, you get to enjoy stand-up comedy shows, music concerts, dance performances and many more activities. The fete is a great chance for new chefs and budding bakers as they can impress the visitors with their skills and innovations.

When: March

Where: KTPO Trade Centre & ITPL Main Road, Bangalore, 560066 India

What Not to Miss: Live Music, Dance Performance, Comedy Shows, Food

Horn OK Please

Grab Discounted Tickets For Horn OK Please For Rs 150 | So Delhi
Img source: https://so.city/delhi/article/discounted-tickets-rs-150-for-the-crazy-popular-horn-ok-please-fest-are-out-only-till-the-4th

Another popular food and entertainment fest in the capital, Horn OK please is one of the beloved fests among Delhiites. Here, you can expect more than hundred food and bar outlets all over Delhi handpicked for you. What makes this a favorite fest among people is Quirk Bazaar flea market where you can shop while you gorge on unique dishes and uncommon street food innovations.

What makes this fest a special one is that even kids can have a fun time here. From glitter art to face painting to live stage performance, you are sure to have the time of your life here. Perfect for all age groups, the fest sees a lot of happy faces and joyful energy bursting out from every corner.

When: Last week of June

Where: JLN Stadium, Delhi

What Not to Miss: Quirk Bazaar, Glitter & Nail Art, Face Painting, Hair Braiding

The List Goes On…

If you are a Delhiite, some of the other famous fests that you can visit are Asian Hawkers Market (Select City Walk, New Delhi), Great Indian Food Festival (Dilli Haat, New Delhi), The Palate Fest (Nehru Park, New Delhi), International Mango Festival (Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi) and ELP Food & Music Fest (Dhyan Chand National Stadium, New Delhi), among others.

These fests are a tiny part of the culinary festivals being held in different parts of the country. Festivals like these bring people together. Spicy, sweet, funny, and frolic, food festivals are the best ways to celebrate life. The vibe and ambience of such food festivals often take you back to your childhood Diwali Mela.

So, now when you have a must-visit list, mark your calendar and ensure that you visit these fests and experience how these cuisine festivals take you on a delicious journey!

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